Assureshift – Packers and Movers Delhi Reviews


This is an AssureShift review post which I decided to write after availing of their services two weeks ago. If you are also planning to shift and do not know much about the Packers and Movers then this blog is definitely going to help you.

Basically, I had a lot of home appliances like my washing machine, fridge, a heavy wooden wardrobe, all kinds of kitchen appliances, and a workstation to shift. At first, I thought of selling all of my goods in an app-based portal but I was getting a very small and unsatisfactory amount in return. Secondly, I am just too attached to my materials!

All my households would easily cross 100 Kilograms and shifting them to Kapashera Border on my own was literally giving me headaches. I decided to hire a mini truck that I have seen coming to a nearby shop. Upon enquiring, I realized that I have to, also descend, carry, load, and unload the goods on my own from the third floor without a lift. This further spiraled up my problems!

I was desperately in search of someone who could basically help me to shift all my households from Mayur Vihar to Kapashera. Thanks to the Internet I got AssureShift Packers and Movers Delhi

Being a lawyer it was impossible for me to find a decent shifting company in the market after my long-irregular days at the office and courts. So, I started scrolling through websites of shifting companies. Honestly, they didn’t have that much clarity in the information and were focusing mainly on full-house intercity shifting services. Some directories that I browsed had very vague and haphazard listings and the listing websites had firms that were not all cost-effective.

And then I found AssureShift which had this properly organized list of verified Packers and Movers. 

In the beginning, I was just checking it like any other website, to find useful services for me. Suddenly the separate provision and costs they had for domestic shifting caught my attention as this was the service that I was actually looking for. Furthermore, they had a long list of trusted Delhi-based professional packers and movers.

I talked with some of the companies that were near me to find their legitimation. I did advance research to find the scam detection rating of AssureShift and they had pretty decent ratings. Found some positive AssureShift reviews and only then I was satisfied and decided to go further with them.

Once I filled their requirement form, they got back to me with the three best house-shifting companies that were very suitable according to my needs and budget. I was able to differentiate their cost-effectiveness and was able to choose the best one but still, I wanted to take their suggestions and find out what was best according to them. To my surprise, they suggested the same firm that I had finalized and at this moment I was sure that this company actually looks out for their customer’s interests. 

I have to also add this as I had not expected such a level of professionalism.

  • I got a call to schedule my packing and shifting within 24 hours.
  • They arrived with a team that had different personnel for my different needs, like one had to disassemble my workstation. 
  •   I had also categorized my workstation as a delicate commodity as it had a glass surface. They had considered it and had bought safety packaging materials like bubble wraps and padded walls for it.
  • Packaging was really proper and well-done in front of my eyes.
  • They had a hand trolley to carry, load, and unload my goods.
  • Delivery was really on-time
  • And their behavior was really professional until the end.
  • The entire process was very economical and could have cost me more time, efforts and money had I done it on my own.

I wish I had known about AssureShift before as I would have strongly recommended it to a couple of my friends who shifted earlier. I am sure I will recommend it in the future! I Wrote this AssureShift review to spread awareness about genuine service providers. Because sometimes people want to avail such basic services but take a step back because of some basic doubts. Service-provider companies like AssureShift really want to create a ‘win-win’ situation by providing the best services to the people and creating the best brand in the market.

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