Apple’s biggest disaster, threat looms over iPhone 14 Pro

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Due to China’s zero covid policy, people have taken to the streets against the government there. The spark of this recent protest of China emanated from the Foxconn factory making iPhone in Zhengzhou here. But now this wound of Corona seems to be becoming a big canker for Apple.

According to the latest news, this lockout in the Apple plant may affect the iPhone Pro. According to a report, the production of iPhone Pro may decrease by 6 million units on the new year. This news was so bad that on Monday 28 November 2022 Apple’s shares saw a huge fall.

The world’s largest factory of Apple iPhone is located in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou. This city has been completely closed under the zero covid policy. Due to which the factory of iPhone has also been affected. Recently, the employees of this plant had also created ruckus regarding the salary. At the same time, news of anti-Chinese government movements is also coming from here.

According to a report by American multinational investment management and financial services company Morgan Stanley, the iPhone Pro model may not be available during the Christmas holidays this year. There is a possibility of a reduction of 60 lakh units in its production. At the same time, analysts at Wedbush have said in research that they have also estimated production to decrease, which may reduce the number of iPhones sold in the last quarter of the year by 5% to 10%.

Up to 40 percent off at Apple Stores

According to the report, many Apple stores in Europe and America are seeing a shortage of up to 35%-40% of the normal inventory of the iPhone 14 Pro. At the same time, information about delivery after January is being received on websites like Amazon. When Apple was asked about the news, the tech giant did not respond to the concern. Shares of Apple fell $4.34, or 2.9%, to $143.78 in afternoon trading yesterday.

Why production problems?

News about rising COVID-19 cases in China is coming out fast. Which has slowed down the work of Foxconn, the manufacturer assembling iPhones in China. In addition, residents of China have reportedly protested the closure of residential and businesses due to the country’s “zero-covid” policy. A dispute over wages erupted last week at the company’s factory in Zhengzhou, where workers protested, leading to a police demonstration and some protesters were allegedly beaten.

What can Apple do?

According to Wedbush, Apple is still expected to work on ramping up production in the coming weeks. Analysts have said, “Now it has to be seen how Apple speeds up the production of its iPhone by next week. In other countries of the world where there are manufacturing units of iPhone, production is being asked to increase.”

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