Amul Milk Price: Amul said something on milk prices that can give relief

Amul Milk Price: Amul said something on milk prices that can give relief

Amul Milk Price: Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which sells its milk products under the Amul brand, has said that there is no possibility of further increase in milk prices. GCMMF Managing Director Jayen S Mehta said today that after good monsoon rains, milk procurement work is expected to be much better. In such a situation, the price of milk is not expected to increase further.

Mehta said, "The situation is quite good this year due to timely monsoon in Gujarat, at least it means that there is not much pressure on the producers for feed costs, and we are entering a good buying period of milk procurement, so we Not expecting any increase." He said this in response to the question whether there would be any increase in prices in the coming months. On investment plans, he said that they are investing around Rs 3,000 crore every year and this will continue to happen for the next many years.

Jayen Mehta said, "With increase in milk procurement also requiring expansion in processing facilities, we will be announcing a new dairy plant in Rajkot… with a capacity of more than 20 lakh liters per day and also a new packaging and processing unit there. Will happen." He said that there will be an investment of at least Rs 2,000 crore in the Rajkot project, while many other projects are also going on.

When asked about some trading partners like the European Union (EU) demanding import duty concessions in the sector under free trade agreements (FTAs), Mehta said milk is the source of livelihood for more than 10 crore families in the country. source and most of the producers are small and marginal farmers.

He said, "If developed countries want to dump their surplus production in our country, it can become a problem for our farmers and Amul has raised the same before the government many times." He said that the government also considers this as a main issue and that is why the dairy sector has been kept out of all FTAs.

He said, "India allows import of dairy goods like European ‘cheese’ at a nominal 30 per cent duty. Those countries do not seem to be taking similar initiatives. It is difficult to export dairy products to the EU. There is 60-100 per cent duty in America and India is an open market but here we do not want their surplus to come to our country at a cheaper rate and harm the livelihood of our small farmers."

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