Amazon is going to do bumper recruitment, had earlier shown the way out to 10,000 people

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Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce giant, is going to recruit heavily. E-commerce company Amazon told that new recruitment will be done soon, its process will start from the year 2023. Quoting a media report, the Amazon company has informed about this. Amazon says that the company’s business is growing very fast. Let us tell you that recently Amazon had shown thousands of people the way out of the company.

Recently announced layoffs of more than 10,000 people

According to media reports, Amazon recently announced layoffs of over 10,000 people globally and now plans to hire new people for its cloud unit. Matt Garman has suggested that Amazon will add more employees to the company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) business. Matt Garman is a senior vice president of the company’s web services sales and marketing teams. But, the e-commerce giant plans to hire more employees not this year but in 2023. It also shows that Amazon is not completely stopping hiring to save costs. Garman has claimed that the company’s cloud unit is reportedly very profitable and growing rapidly. That’s why Amazon will continue investing in this business.

fast growing company

“I expect we’ll actually add some more headcount next year. Our business is still growing rapidly,” he said. The teams don’t mind it. We’ve grown so fast that sometimes from an organizational point of view, it takes time to digest”.

The report states that AWS has sometimes been so profitable that it accounts for all of Amazon’s operating income. Garman stressed that the company will moderate data center growth until demand declines, and until then it will keep building data centers because it is one of the areas where Amazon’s business is flourishing.

$20.5 billion $20.5 billion in the third quarter

Amazon’s cloud unit is expected to generate a total of $20.5 billion in sales during the third quarter of 2022. The rate has grown by 27 percent, but growth is still quite slow as many companies are now taking cost-cutting measures due to the economic downturn.

Amazon said that if people apply for the Volunteer Separation Program (VSP), they will be able to raise a maximum of 22 weeks of base pay in just one week for every 6 months of service (rounded off to the nearest 6 months). In addition, the employees are also entitled to medical insurance coverage for 6 months as per the insurance benefits policy or equivalent insurance premium amount in lieu thereof.

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