Amazon created furore with another big announcement, India may also have very bad effects

Photo: AP Amazon created a ruckus by making another big announcement

Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce and technology company, recently surprised everyone by announcing the removal of 10,000 people. But the latest statement from Amazon has put everyone in even more trouble. Amid massive layoffs of Amazon’s corporate personnel, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Andy Jesse has said that this trend will continue into next year as well. In such a situation, the year 2023 is also not going to be good for jobs, while its effect can be seen in India as well.

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Seattle-based company Amazon has been trying to reduce costs in various areas of its business for the past few months. The company has an annual review process to identify where and how savings can be made.

Layoffs will start from California

Jesse said this year’s review is more difficult because of the economic climate and the rapid hiring spree at the company over the past few years. The company informed its regional officials in California on Tuesday that about 260 people would be evacuated from various facilities.

It is not decided how many jobs will be done

Jesse said the company is yet to determine how many jobs are going to be affected, though cuts will definitely be made in some segments. He said the annual review process is going to continue next year as well. Amazon has more than 1.5 million employees worldwide.

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