Air tickets will be available for free if the reservation is not confirmed, know in which condition this rule will apply

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During Holi, Diwali, Chhath or summer holidays, the luckiest person is the one who has a confirmed train ticket. But not everyone has such a fortune that everyone’s ticket gets confirmed. In such a situation, if you are told that you can get a chance to travel by air if the ticket is not confirmed, then you might not believe it. but it’s true.

Trainman, a new app related to travel ticket booking, has introduced a new feature. This app guarantees confirmed tickets for train trips to passengers. In case of non-confirmation of train tickets, the company will arrange free flight tickets to help passengers complete the journey. Awesome isn’t it?

Know what is Trip Assurance feature

Trainman App has introduced a new feature called ‘Trip Assurance’. This new feature ensures a guaranteed way for restless train passengers in the dilemma of waiting list to complete their journey. Anyone booking a train ticket through Trainman will be able to check the status of their ticket from within the app itself. If the passenger does not get a confirmed ticket, the app will display a prediction meter showing the probabilities of the ticket being confirmed. In case the ticket is not confirmed before chart preparation, Trip Assurance will help passengers find and book last minute travel options.

How this app works

The biggest feature of this app is the prediction meter given in it. If a passenger has a ticket prediction meter of 90 percent or more, the app will charge a trip assurance fee of Re 1. If the percentage is less than 90 per cent, the company will charge a nominal fee depending on the class of ticket. Notably, the trip assurance fee will be refunded to the customers if the train ticket is confirmed at the time of chart preparation. However, if the ticket is not confirmed, the trainman will provide the passenger with a free flight ticket to complete the journey.

Trip assurance is available in about 130 trains

The catch here is that currently trip assurance service is offered in all IRCTC Rajdhani trains and around 130 other trains. According to the company, the Trainman app uses new-age technology such as machine learning and is an authorized partner of IRCTC. Trip Assurance service has been developed to provide hassle free travel experience to IRCTC passengers.

Prediction is 94 percent accurate

The company also claims that their train prediction model works with 94 percent accuracy to convert waitlisted tickets into confirmed tickets. But in case the ticket is not confirmed, the company will give free flight ticket. However, the ‘Trip Assurance’ facility will be applicable only to those cities which have airports.

Air tickets will be available where there are airports

Trainman founder and CEO Vineet Chirania said, “In fact, when a train ticket is not confirmed, we will provide a flight ticket under ‘trip assurance’, but this will be applicable only to cities that have airports Overall, we are constantly engaged in optimizing our online platform to provide

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