3 Bitcoins Conscious Dream Home..This is the first house bought in Bitcoin !!

They bought a two-bedroom house in the Prague district of Portugal for three bitcoins. The house was bought on May 5 by exchanging Bitcoin directly without converting it to the Euro.

By the time he bought the house in bitcoin the price of a bitcoin was approximately Rs. 26.85 lakhs. The deal was started by a Portuguese real estate company.

The deal has been successful since the southern European country recently legalized real estate deals with virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies).

The house was facilitated with the help of Portuguese real estate firm Zome, law firm Antas da Cunha Ecija and Swiss cryptocurrency exchanges.

Earlier, Milo Credit, a crypto site, had announced that it could mortgage a crypto in Miami, USA and buy a home loan without any down payment.

A man who moved to Miami has mortgaged his bitcoins through the Milo Credit site and bought a house for himself.

Following this, Bitcoin is growing rapidly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Damac Properties, a Dubai-based real estate developer, recently said it could buy a home with cryptocurrency payments.