2 crore coffee, 1200 ton popcorn…. So much is the sale of Inox, now it will be a business of 800 crores!

Multiplex chain Inox Ledger is now going to make a grand entry in the market. Inox, which was very successful in the entertainment sector, has now decided to enter the food industry. Inox is now going to increase its business in the food and beverage sector with film screening and through this the company has set a revenue target of 800 crores, which is to be completed by the year 2023. The company is anticipating huge growth in its business from the food sector.

It is being told that the company estimates that in the coming time, 28 to 35 percent of the company’s revenue will be from the sales from the food sector. In such a situation, the question is, how is it going to enter the market and what is the business plan of the company in the food sector and how the company is going to expand its business. Also, you will know what is the situation of the company right now…

Explain that the company has set a revenue target of 800 crores by March 2023. Earlier the revenue of the company was Rs 525 crore in 2019-20. The company started selling popcorn, cold drinks as well as pizza, pasta, burgers, rolls five years ago. But, now the company is going to expand it even more and is also going to change the way of selling food items.

How big is the food business now?

If we talk about the business of the company’s food sector, then right now the company is selling many items along with coffee. Apart from this, now the company has also started the work of outdoor food catering through Swiggy and Zomato. Let us tell you that earlier 80 percent of F&B was from selling popcorn, cola, but now it has become 60 percent and 40 percent has been replaced by nachos etc. At present, the share of the food sector in the total business is 20-25 percent, which will now be increased.

Inox sells 20 million coffee cups, 13 million colas, 5 million samosas, 1200 tons of popcorn every year. Apart from this, the company currently has 692 screens in about 75 cities.


How much is being targeted?

Now the target from the company is to increase the share of the food sector in the total business from 28 to 35 percent. Also, now the target is to make the revenue up to 800 crores. Let us tell you that in 2021-22, this business was greatly affected due to the ban imposed due to Kovid-19. Now work is being done to increase it again.

What is INOX’s plan?

If we talk about Inox’s plan, now the company is going to increase its screens. There are plans to add 834 additional screens after 2022-23. According to the annual report of Inox Ledger, the company estimates that its total screen count will reach 752 by the end of the current financial year. The company was operating 692 screens in 73 cities in India as of June 30, 2022. Apart from this, now food outlets will be opened in the mall by the company. The cafe will be launched by the company like Starbucks and Costa Coffee.

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