Workers started returning to work after Holi, MP Ajay Nishad’s hurtful statement about laborers

Workers started returning to work after Holi, MP Ajay Nishad’s hurtful statement about laborers
Muzaffarpur: Holi, Chhath and Durga Puja are some of the festivals in which the migrant Bihari migrants return home. After celebrating these festivals faithfully, they return to those regions. Where you are doing employment. More or less the same phase of migration is being seen these days. The railway stations and bus stands are crowded with migrant Biharis. Somehow, like sheep and goats, they were returning to the states from where they had returned home on the occasion of Holi by being loaded onto vehicles and trains. If we look at this migration, prima facie it becomes clear that due to lack of employment in Bihar as expected, the laborers here are forced to migrate. Second thing is also that getting less wages here against their wages is also a big reason. Because they get more money in exchange for work in the outside states. In such a situation, instead of working hard here, they feel better to go to other states.

Farming on your land will curb migration

When asked about this from MP Ajay Nishad, he said that laborers migrate due to lack of industries in Bihar. On the other hand, it is seen that people are turning away from agriculture. While Bihar is an agricultural state, if the laborers stay here and do farming, then it can also become a better medium of employment. Despite this, the agricultural laborers here consider it beneficial to work as laborers in other states instead of doing farming in Bihar, due to which migration is taking place. On the treatment of Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu, he said that it is the result of mischievous elements that today the Bihari laborers living in Tamil Nadu were forced to flee out of fear. He said that the governments of both the states are investigating this matter seriously and are also appealing to the people to live in a harmonious environment.

One of the reasons for migration is the benefits of central government schemes

The MP said that creating tension by making such videos viral cannot be considered better than anywhere. The leaders who spoke of atrocities against Biharis in Tamil Nadu have now started going back on their word. BJP MP from Muzaffarpur Ajay Nishad said that action should be taken against those spreading rumors by making fake videos. Member of Parliament Ajay Nishad says that in the desire of earning more, the people of Bihar have left their agriculture fields and started working as laborers in other states. He also said that getting the benefits of central government schemes could also be a reason for migration.

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