Who is ‘poor’ in the politics of Bihar, whose name Nitish Kumar does not even want to take

Who is ‘poor’ in the politics of Bihar, whose name Nitish Kumar does not even want to take
Patna: He is poor. We don’t even want to mention his name. You people already know… In the same way CM Nitish Kumar was talking to journalists in Patna on Saturday. In such a situation, the question arises that Bihar CM Nitish was asked about the action of ED and CBI, then why did he start talking about ‘poor’. After all, on whom was CM Nitish targeting by calling him poor? Nitish Kumar was calling RJD chief Lalu Yadav poor or Tejashwi Yadav or someone else?

CM Nitish was also questioned on Friday about the action taken by the central investigative agencies, but he went away quietly. CM Nitish also faced journalists on Saturday. The question was the same as the one asked on Friday. Journalists asked CM Nitish that now even Tejashwi Yadav has been summoned, on which the Chief Minister said what can he say in this matter now. CBI has sent summons, so those people are already replying. The Chief Minister further said that this is not the issue. Even when we were together in 2017, there were raids. Now after 5 years action is being taken again. CM Nitish said that since he came with RJD, everyone is watching what is happening.

If I take the name of that poor man…

CM Nitish further says that we should speak… If we take the name of a man, then the poor people will keep saying many things without any meaning. It is not appropriate for us… Let us take his name. CM Nitish tells journalists to ask him only what had happened. Will take the poor man’s name.. This is how they keep following. The poor thing has to speak everyday. Those people have to speak everyday. That’s why we don’t want to speak. Nitish was speaking and smiling. Now whom Nitish Kumar was calling poor, only the CM can tell.

Sushil Modi is saying that the Chief Minister is silent?

After this the journalists asked CM Nitish that Sushil Modi is saying why are you silent? On this Nitish Kumar says that on what? Then the journalists said that on the action of CBI and ED… then Nitish Kumar says don’t leave it… What things Sushil Modi does, what he says, don’t leave it. Poor Sushil Modi will not speak… He doesn’t have to speak everyday. What did we want.. speak. You have spoken once. If he does not speak everyday, then how will it happen. Keep speaking everyday, keep speaking against me as well… I don’t care.

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