‘We are your opponents centuries old’… Political ruckus in Bihar Congress at its peak, know the truth of the ongoing campaign against the state president

‘We are your opponents centuries old’… Political ruckus in Bihar Congress at its peak, know the truth of the ongoing campaign against the state president
Patna: There is ruckus inside the Bihar Pradesh Congress. Many state Congress leaders believe that state president Akhilesh Prasad Singh is not taking the right decisions. If state party sources are to be believed, many leaders have written various things on social media accusing the state president of arbitrariness. Leaders believe that Akhilesh is giving preference to his close ones. This whole matter is related to making delegates in the Congress. Party sources say that in this delegate, Akhilesh Prasad Singh has nominated 70 percent of his close friends. Thirty percent people belong to other groups. Akhilesh Prasad is acting completely arbitrarily. Dissatisfied leaders started commenting on social media after their names were not included in the delegate list. Many leaders have even said that Akhilesh Prasad Singh is doing pro BJP work in Bihar. His relationship with BJP leader Rajeev Pratap Rudy has been cited on social media.

Kripashankar Pathak issued notice

Former minister Kripashankar Pathak, chairman of the disciplinary committee of the Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee, has issued notices to five party leaders after a case against Akhilesh Prasad Singh surfaced on social media. Pathak has issued a notice to the leaders for making factless, untrue and indecent remarks against the state president on social media. Let us tell you that a few days ago also action was taken against many state level leaders. At that time the matter was related to the program of Bharat Jodo Yatra. Where workers clashed with each other in Patna City. After that Akhilesh Prasad Singh had said that any kind of indiscipline will not be tolerated. Akhilesh Prasad Singh issued a warning to the junior leaders saying that they do not even give a chair to the senior leaders to sit. This is not the tradition of Congress. This will not work.

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do not tolerate indiscipline

70 percent of the leaders within the Congress are angry about this matter. If party sources are to be believed, many leaders have talked about launching a campaign against Akhilesh. Planning is being done to send a letter against Akhilesh Prasad Singh to the central leadership of the party. If sources are to be believed, many MLAs have informed the central leadership about Akhilesh’s recent activities. Party leaders and MLAs believe that Akhilesh Prasad Singh has failed to deal with Nitish as well. Nitish ditched them and did not include Congress MLAs in the cabinet.

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Party spokespersons said a big thing

Rajesh Rathore, associated with the party’s media department, has told reporters that the leaders to whom notices have been issued. He is accused of campaigning against the state president of the party. There is an allegation of burning factless content on social media. These leaders include Siddharth Kshatriya, Prabhat Kumar Chandravanshi, Arshad Abbas Azad, Shakeelur Rahman and Praveen Sharma. A show cause notice has been issued to him by the Disciplinary Committee. On the other hand, in conversation with NBT Online regarding this matter, Congress spokesperson Asit Nath Tiwari shared many things. Tiwari said that breakdown of discipline is not good for any healthy structure. A dedicated worker is one who respects party discipline. Sometimes we do not agree with some decisions, but it does not mean that we start creating fabricated propaganda against the party leadership. Whoever is doing this work. They cannot be people devoted to the party.
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Uproar inside Congress

The state Congress leadership is very serious about campaigning on social media. Big action can also be taken against these leaders. Let us tell you that to whom show cause notice has been issued. Among them, Siddharth Kshatriya has contested from Mohaddinagar in 2010 on Congress ticket. On the other hand, Arshad Abbas Azad has held the post of spokesperson in the Congress. Shakeelur Rahman has also taken over the responsibility in the party. He was given the post of Vice President. These leaders had posted factless content on social media against the State President on March 3. Due to which this action has been taken.

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