‘Unintelligent Tanu Janike’… Education Minister’s psychopath connection, know why Chandrashekhar is in discussion in Bihar assembly premises

‘Unintelligent Tanu Janike’… Education Minister’s psychopath connection, know why Chandrashekhar is in discussion in Bihar assembly premises
Ramakant Chandan, Patna: The debate on Ramcharitmanas has not started in Bihar, but a round of serious comments has started. Inside the house as well as outside the house. The situation is such that on the remarks of the leaders regarding Ramcharitmanas, the voices of the MLAs of their own and other parties also deteriorated. But neither the leaders of his party nor any of the fellow party leaders of the Grand Alliance came openly in his support. Yes, it definitely happened that the series of titles started. Some called him mentally ill and some called him deranged. Someone is declaring mental bankruptcy. The limit was reached when a JDU MLA called the education minister a patient of a psychopath.

showed something out of the ordinary

Apparently, in a program, he described Ramcharitmanas as the one who creates differences in the society. For a person sitting in a responsible position, when the period of controversy has started, then the best solution is to remain silent. But instead of forgetting this controversy, Education Minister Prof. Chandrashekhar came to the House with a bundle of texts. And they started fighting in the house on the issue that Ramcharitmanas creates discrimination. He would also deny that priority that today he should be told about the significance and achievements of the education department by giving a budget speech on education. But they kept on proving Ramcharimanas wrong. Not only this, he also became a supporter of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

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What did the JDU MLA say?

JDU MLA Dr. Sanjeev directly called Education Minister Chandrashekhar a patient of Psychopath. In this condition, with the help of flimsy arguments, Ramcharitmanas is being described as a book that spreads hatred. That’s all, if they don’t like this scripture, then they should convert. It seems that the mental condition of the education minister is not good. Or completely confused. The extent is that the RJD has been opposing the RSS and the Education Minister is praising Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat. Actually he is a person of confuse personality. They should understand that the House is governed by the Constitution and they are carrying Ramcharitmanas from house to house.

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What do BJP leaders say

BJP spokesperson and doctor by profession Dr. Ramsagar Singh says that psychopath will be too harsh a word. It could also be called mental bankruptcy. But this much is certain that despite so much opposition, the intention of the Education Minister to speak in the House is nothing but to spread disharmony. But the people of Bihar are understanding everything. But you are also defaming your government by this act. Here, with this cover, they are spreading malice within the Grand Alliance as well. Many leaders of JDU criticized. Even Nitish Kumar had given instructions. But he didn’t listen to anyone. Even the matter of our leader and Chief Minister has been rejected.

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