The truth of Nitish’s intention behind promoting Tejashwi, Lalu family still has a relationship with the party, not the heart!

The truth of Nitish’s intention behind promoting Tejashwi, Lalu family still has a relationship with the party, not the heart!
Patna: Does Bihar CM Nitish Kumar really want to promote Tejashwi on the political pitch? Will he really stand by Lalu Yadav’s family in times of crisis? Why doesn’t Chief Minister Nitish Kumar seem as vocal as Tejashwi gave a statement naming the BJP, especially Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on the CBI and ED’s action against the Lalu family. The direct answer of the CM on the action of ED-CBI is that those against whom the action is going on, they are answering it. The five-year-old case came to light when the Grand Alliance government was formed in the state. Nitish is suspected because he was never seen standing with the Yadavs. To the best of his ability, he has done the task of pulling the legs of Yadavs during his reign.

Nitish has always been pulling the legs of Yadavs

The people of the Yadav community also understand that Nitish has always been pulling the legs of the Yadavs. This is the reason why in the Grand Alliance government, Yadavs consider Tejashwi Yadav more as their leader than Nitish. Virendra Kumar Yadav is a journalist from Bihar. He has made series of allegations of neglect of the Yadav community by Nitish Kumar. Virendra Yadav says that Nitish Kumar has always done politics of caste mobilization against the Yadav caste.

Yadavs only supported when bad times came

Despite this, Yadavs have always given him life in bad times. In 1989, the Yadav caste played the biggest role in Nitish Kumar winning the election from the Barh Lok Sabha constituency. In that election, Yadavs made Nitish victorious by defeating their caste leader Ramlakhan Singh Yadav.

Nitish’s politics was against Yadavs

Virendra Yadav says that in 1994, Nitish started politics against Yadavs. Mobilized the non-Yadav backward people against the Yadavs. With the help of this power, he continued to do anti-Yadav politics with BJP for almost two decades. But in 2014-15, when Nitish became very weak. People like Jitan Ram Manjhi had become a threat to his political existence. At that time Yadav proved to be his troublemaker. He returned to power in 2015 on the strength of Yadav votes, but in 2017 left Yadavs and went with BJP for his political gains. He also found an excuse to go with BJP. The blame for the CBI investigation was thrown on the forehead of Tejashwi Yadav. In 2022, when the BJP had made complete arrangements to swallow his party, it was the Yadavs who saved his party from becoming a mouthful of the BJP. Yadavs remained a shield for Nitish in bad times, but after better days came, he never hesitated to turn away from Yadavs.

Betrayed by the ones you trust the most

On the contrary, the one whom Nitish trusted the most, left no chance to puncture his car. There are many examples of this. In 2014, Nitish made Jitan Ram Manjhi the Chief Minister. Manjhi had stopped her speaking. Nitish made his native RCP Singh a political contractor. He was made from MP to the national president of the party, but he auctioned Nitish’s power at the crossroads. The latest example is Upendra Kushwaha. Upendra Kushwaha’s political journey started by holding Nitish’s finger. He got political recognition only from Nitish, but he did not refrain from twisting Nitish’s arm when the opportunity came.

Yadav protest has been Nitish’s politics

In fact, Nitish Kumar’s politics took off in 1994 from the conference of Kurmi fraternity, in which the concept of Luv-Kush equation was formed. Opposition of Yadavs was Nitish’s priority. By pointing out the shortcomings and weaknesses of Lalu-Rabri Raj, he became popular among the non-Yadav backward castes. He finally succeeded in his cause when in 2005 he succeeded in reaching the CM’s chair by ousting Rabri Devi. The Yadavas who supported him from time to time, he sidelined them. Later, Nitish was successful in making a dent in RJD’s traditional Muslim vote as well. Nitish Kumar has probably never criticized the leaders of Congress or any other party as much as he criticized the Lalu-Rabri family during his Chief Ministership till now.

There are many reasons to doubt Nitish

This time also there are many reasons to doubt Nitish. First, on the basis of ethics, Nitish was not ready to vacate the CM’s chair for Tejashwi Yadav, the RJD leader who has the most support from other constituents in the Grand Alliance except JDU. If he had not repeated the earlier mistake of leaving the BJP and joining the Grand Alliance, perhaps his stature would have become higher. With the help of 43 seats in NDA, he agreed to become CM with the help of BJP which has more seats. In the Grand Alliance, he kept this condition that he will remain the CM till 2025. Tejashwi’s turn will come only in 2025. However, it is repeatedly raised from within the RJD that Nitish Kumar should vacate the CM’s chair for Tejashwi Yadav. The third and latest reason is that Nitish remained silent initially when CBI and ED raided old cases or issued summons for questioning against the family members of Lalu-Rabri. Even if he opened his mouth, instead of directly attacking the BJP, he formally said that those against whom it is being done, he is giving a reply.

Report- Omprakash Ashk

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