Sitamarhi News: I will not marry a black groom … Seeing the color of the bride, the fury of the bride, know the whole matter

Sitamarhi News: I will not marry a black groom … Seeing the color of the bride, the fury of the bride, know the whole matter
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SitamarhiDark complexion of a groom allegedly became a curse for him in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district. The bride refused to marry him because of his complexion. Then the people of the bride’s side took the groom and some baratis hostage. The matter calmed down when the police arrived. Ultimately the marriage could not take place. This matter is very viral on social media. After the refusal of the bride, the groom was also shocked. Sometimes the groom started seeing his face and sometimes started thinking about the decision of the bride. Here, the bridegroom’s side was held hostage for hours by the girl’s side regarding the matter of dowry.

Case of Sonbarsa block

It has been told that there was a wedding program on Wednesday night. The bride refused to marry saying that the groom she is marrying has a dark complexion, people will make fun of her if she goes somewhere with such a boy. That is, the bride clearly refused to marry such a groom. This case pertains to Ghurghura village under Sonbarsa police station area. As soon as the bride announced her decision, her family members were shocked. Later, when the news came to the groom’s side, they were also speechless after hearing this decision. There was chaos on both sides. The situation became critical when the bride refused to listen to anyone.

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The bride said, she does not like the groom

The bride said that when she saw the groom for the first time on the stage itself, she did not like the boy. When the bride was called for marriage in the mandap after the jaimala, she refused to sit with the groom. Hearing this decision of the bride, some baratis immediately fled from the spot. After that the bride’s side took the groom and the rest of the baratis hostage. The people of the bride’s side started demanding the amount spent in the marriage from the groom’s side. There was a lot of debate on both sides about this.

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Police reached and settled the matter

Sonbarsa police station in-charge cum trainee DSP Suchitra Kumari reached the spot as soon as the information was received. She first rescued the hostages and took them to the police station. After that the matter was shelved. Please tell that after the arrival of the procession, the ritual of door worship was performed by the women. After the meal, the ceremony of Jaimala started. Jaimala happened. After that the bride went straight into the house. Later refused to marry saying that the groom’s complexion was dark. Came on stage for, but he could not get married. The people of the bride’s side told that when the marriage of both of them was fixed, the girl had not seen the face of the husband-to-be. Meanwhile, the girl says that she cannot live with a person whom she does not like. The procession came from Fulhatta village of Bela police station area. The groom has been named as Sohan Kumar, son of Singheshwar Sah of the said village. Here, the bride Nibha Kumari is the daughter of Ganesh Sah, a resident of Ghurghura.
Report-Amarendra, Sitamarhi

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