Seemanchal politics: Owaisi’s knock, Nitish-Tejashwi’s roar, Shah’s roar… Why has Seemanchal become hot cake in the battle of 2024?

Seemanchal politics: Owaisi’s knock, Nitish-Tejashwi’s roar, Shah’s roar… Why has Seemanchal become hot cake in the battle of 2024?
Purnia: Seemanchal is going to decide the voting trend of the Lok Sabha elections this time. It is not me, but after giving priority to Seemanchal on behalf of the dominant parties of the state, speculations are being made that Bihar will go through a new voting trend. What is happening is that what priority was given to Seemanchal by the BJP, all the major parties were seen starting the Lok Sabha elections from Seemanchal itself in a way by becoming laggards like a sheep trick. After this beginning of BJP, the Grand Alliance shifted its rally from Seemanchal i.e. Purnia. In the last few elections, AIMIM is also going to make its election debut from Seemanchal itself on Saturday, 18th March.

What is BJP’s strategy

It is obvious that the BJP has already said through its programs that Seemanchal is important for the BJP in this Lok Sabha election and a bigger purpose is also hidden behind it. After leaving JDU, BJP now wants to give a new twist to the politics of Bihar. Like Uttar Pradesh, BJP wants to give birth to that politics in Bihar, where by following the path of Hinduism, strong leaders of small castes are brought on a single platform. The BJP is confident that it can give Mandal a fight only with Kamandal. There are also parties like LJP, VIP, HAM and Rashtriya Lok Dal in the exercise of bringing them on this platform.

The second reason for BJP’s emphasis on Seemanchal is that the way the BJP-led central government, by connecting Pasmanda Muslims with the schemes, got BJP’s vote to some extent in the country, BJP wants to do the same experiment in Bihar. The BJP is more excited about the visit to Seemanchal because the BJP has won four Lok Sabha constituencies in this area at one time or the other.

There was a time when BJP’s Shahnawaz Hussain had won from Kishanganj. Nikhil Chowdhary from Katihar, Uday Singh from Purnia and sometimes Sukhdev Paswan from Araria and sometimes Pradeep Singh used to win. If BJP wants to prepare the equation of victory in these seats, then it will have to raise the issue of Hindutva. For this, Amit Shah visited Seemanchal twice. And with this arrival, Amit Shah also raised the issue of Pasmanda Muslims with confidence.

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Counterattack of Grand Alliance

Taking a rally in Purnia to counter the BJP’s Hindutva agenda, the Grand Alliance tried to relax the issue of Hindutva with the card of secularism. The RJD, JDU and the Left parties tried to bring about a strategy of keeping state politics separate from the issue of religion, criticizing BJP’s divisive politics.
Decode the political planning of Asaduddin Owaisi in Bihar, know what is the intention of AIMIM behind helping Seemanchal

Now Owaisi is also in Seemanchal

Although AIMIM may have come to Bihar to expand its politics, but one end of it has been connecting with BJP. But a general perception has been created in the political corridors regarding this participation of Owaisi that it is BJP’s B team. Especially in the three by-elections held in the state, the reason for BJP’s victory in two seats is believed to be the cut vote of AIMIM.
Owaisi will ‘play’ on 4 To 24 in Bihar, AIMIM chief will rain heavily in Seemanchal for two days
By the way, by winning five assembly seats in Seemanchal, Owaisi has made his power felt. According to the information received, Owaisi is now going to expand his party in those areas of central Bihar, where the number of Muslims and Dalits is more. The reason for the Grand Alliance’s trouble is also that now Owaisi’s party participates in the Lok Sabha elections in entire Bihar, then it will become a factor in breaking the MY (Muslim + Yadav) equation. And it will indirectly be beneficial for BJP.
Owaisi preparing to settle scores with RJD, how will BJP benefit from AIMIM’s bet… Understand

what the experts say

Congress spokesperson Asit Nath Tiwari says that following the BJP, the biggest mistake of the Grand Alliance is to hold a rally in Purnia. Somewhere this has only strengthened the issue of BJP. This will lead to Hindu mobilization somewhere. The leaders of the Grand Alliance got trapped in the trap laid by the BJP for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. At present, the Grand Alliance is caught in the trap. But there is still time in the elections, to defeat the BJP, voters will have to be attracted with their policies and plans, only then forces like the BJP can be given a fight.

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