Opposition MPs should resign collectively… After Pappu Yadav, now RJD’s demand, strategy or maneuver?

Opposition MPs should resign collectively… After Pappu Yadav, now RJD’s demand, strategy or maneuver?
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Patna: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLA Bhai Virendra on Sunday called for the resignation of all opposition MPs in protest against the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha and urged Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to fight against the threat to democracy. I requested to lead the country. The MLA and Chief Spokesperson of RJD said this at a function on the occasion of the birth anniversary of former Union Minister Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav. Nitish Kumar was also present on this occasion. Referring to JD(U) leader Nitish’s walkout from the BJP-led NDA last year, Virender said the chief minister has set an example for opposition unity.

Meaning of brother Virendra’s statement

He said that in my view, what has happened to Rahul Gandhi is not the end. This could be just the beginning. My leader (Deputy Chief Minister) Tejashwi Yadav is already facing harassment. I might be next in line. The entire opposition has jumped into the fight against the threat to democracy. The RJD leader said that all opposition MPs can start by resigning. And after that, our Chief Minister can lead the country in this fight. Let us tell you that before this, Tejashwi Yadav, who reached Delhi, had given a big statement about the Congress. Tejashwi Yadav had said that the states where regional parties are strong in the general elections. Congress should hand over the command there to those parties. Political experts believe that on the one hand, the opposition is against the Center regarding the punishment meted out to Rahul. On the other hand, Nitish Kumar is silent. Brother Virendra’s statement has no meaning until Nitish Kumar comes in support of the Congress.

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Tejashwi also gave a statement

Let us tell you that on reaching Delhi, Tejashwi had said that Congress is the biggest party in the opposition. To win over the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2024 general election wherever regional parties are strong. There the command should be given to him only. Tejashwi also said that former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad and current Chief Minister Nitish Kumar are trying to bring regional parties and the Congress together with him. He also said that the Congress is part of the Grand Alliance in Bihar. We are a big party in Bihar, but Congress is the biggest opposition party in the country. Lalu ji, Nitish ji and we all are trying that Congress and regional parties come together and decide what will be the way forward.

Bihar Politics: Congress is the biggest opposition party… Tejashwi Yadav said – Where the regional parties are strong, there you will get ‘command’

Rhetoric intensified on Nitish

Tejashwi had said that one thing is clear, we have said earlier also, wherever regional parties are strong, they should get command, Congress people should understand this. He said that wherever there is a direct contest with the BJP, the Congress should take on them, there are about 200 such seats. Let us tell you that Union Minister Giriraj also made a big statement on RJD being active on Rahul’s sentence and Nitish remaining silent. Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday alleged that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s silence on Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification indicated that the Janata Dal (United) leader was relishing the prospect of claiming the leadership of the opposition camp. The BJP leader criticized Gandhi for his ‘my name is not Savarkar’ remark and said it would take many lives for the Congress leader to become like Hindutva icon Savarkar. Giriraj said that he (Kumar) should be happy that his prospects have become bright. After all, the ambition to compete for the top spot has become the defining characteristic of all (anti-BJP) parties.
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