Opinion: Kejriwal’s formula for opposition unity is different from Nitish Kumar, Delhi CM will reveal in meeting Mamta

Opinion: Kejriwal’s formula for opposition unity is different from Nitish Kumar, Delhi CM will reveal in meeting Mamta
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Omprakash Ashk, Patna: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar along with his deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav met Aam Aadmi Party leader CM Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi. Stung by the central government’s ordinance overturning the Supreme Court’s decision on transfer-posting, he assured to stand with Kejriwal. Had gone to talk about the campaign of opposition unity, but the issue became an ordinance of the central government. Kejriwal advised to conduct the first test of opposition unity in Parliament. He said that the opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha should unite and oppose the ordinance, so that it does not take the form of law. Kejriwal also announced that he would meet West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata on Tuesday.

AAP has announced to contest alone

Nitish reached Delhi while returning from Siddaramaiah’s swearing-in ceremony in Karnataka. Encouraged by the gathering of opposition leaders in Karnataka, Nitish once again tried to grope Kejriwal. After the first meeting, the Aam Aadmi Party had made it clear that it had nothing to do with opposition unity. AAP general secretary Sandeep Pathak had made it clear on April 21 itself after Nitish’s meeting with Kejriwal that his party would contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections on its own. Will not form any alliance with anyone. Yes, will be with like-minded parties on issues of national interest. This statement of Sandeep Pathak came when the Congress called Nitish Kumar and Sharad Pawar alternately for opposition unity. Both the leaders met Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi after reaching Delhi. Kharge also spoke to Left leaders Sitaram Yechury and D Raja. Nitish also spoke separately to both the Left leaders.

The opposition is considering the victory of Karnataka as its victory.

The opposition is considering the victory of the Congress in the triangular fight for the Karnataka Assembly as its victory. Nitish Kumar or the Congress, engaged in the campaign to unite the opposition parties, are forgetting that JDS is also one of the opposition parties, which did not get the opportunity to become the king in the elections, the Congress did not leave him worthy of being a king maker. On the land of Karnataka, the leaders of the opposition parties were deliberating on the need for opposition unity, but while doing so, they forgot that a similar situation would prevail in other states as well. Especially in Delhi, UP and Bengal. The Congress or any other party is as much an enemy to the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi as the BJP. For Mamta Banerjee in Bengal, Congress and Left parties are as dangerous as BJP. Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party in UP has seen its condition by aligning with the Congress.


With whom is Akhilesh Yadav flirting?

Samajwadi Party leader and former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav still seems to be in a dilemma. He meets Nitish and Lalu Yadav and sometimes jumps and stands with KC Rao and MK Stalin. He is not having direct talks with the Congress. Perhaps looking at past experience, they are unable to decide what to do. The dilemma in front of them will also be that if they do not go with the opposition parties, there will be a division of votes. BJP will directly benefit from this. Mayawati has kept silence on opposition unity. Even after going with Mayawati’s BSP, Akhilesh Yadav has tried with BJP. Instead of success, he had to suffer loss.

The number of fronts that will open in UP, the BJP will benefit

In UP, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has already opened the front. That is, BJP has already got a character of division in Muslim votes. It is clear from BSP supremo Mayawati’s stand so far that her camp will also remain separate. If there is no coordination between Congress and SP, then BJP will be defeated. Because BJP will get the direct benefit of the division of votes of the opposing camp. The recent civic elections also indicate how it benefits from the opposition being divided.

Nitish has met him for opposition unity

May 11, 2023: NCP President Sharad Pawar and Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Uddhav Thackeray
10 May 2023: Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren
9 May 2023: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
24 April 2023: Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav
24 April 2023: Chief Minister of West Bengal and Chief of Trinamool Congress Mamata Banerjee
21 April 2023: Harish Rawat, former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and member of the Congress Working Committee
12 April 2023: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge
12 April 2023: Delhi CM and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal
25 September 2022: Senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi with Lalu Yadav
31 August 2022: Telangana CM and TRS leader KCR

Why does Kejriwal want to meet Mamta?

Arvind Kejriwal’s meeting with Mamta Banerjee is proposed on Tuesday. Kejriwal will reach Kolkata from Delhi on Tuesday to meet. Kejriwal’s effort is that before the Lok Sabha elections, the test of opposition unity should be in the Rajya Sabha. After snatching the right of transfer-posting in Delhi from the LG and giving it to the state government, the central government has defied the Supreme Order through an ordinance. By opposing the ordinance, the opposition in the Rajya Sabha can stop it from becoming a law. Actually the total number of members in Rajya Sabha is 245. BJP has 95 members. Unanimity of 123 members is necessary for majority. Kejriwal is hopeful that if the opposition remains united against the Centre’s ordinance, the government will have to face the consequences. The concrete form of opposition unity will be seen from here.
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