Lalu was better than Nitish in controlling violence! Remember that incident of 1992

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Patna: RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar have been leaders with a secular image. Many times both have tried to prove it by their words or behavior. Probably because not only Lalu Prasad but also Nitish Kumar joined BJP for the seat of power. Yes, their style of holding hands was slightly different. To use Lalu ji’s terminology, he used to say in the context of Nitish Kumar that Nitish is sitting in the lap of BJP. But he never called Nitish Kumar communal. In my understanding, both of them were the leaders of their respective times and in their own way steered the boat of politics. Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad were also there who considered Lohia as base politics. Lohia also took a step towards a strong opposition by building unity against the Congress, and then joined hands with the BJP, setting aside the agenda of communalism. When Lohia is being considered as a secular leader then why not Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar on this philosophy?

Lalu Prasad and his secularism

If Lalu Prasad’s secularism is judged, RJD’s vote bank i.e. MY equation will come in front of it. Lalu Prasad needed both Yadav and Muslim for politics and he kept on offering both of them on the chariot of satisfaction. Remember the year 1992, when there was disturbance in Sitamarhi. Due to disturbance in Sitamarhi, violence broke out between the two groups. 65 people were killed and hundreds were injured in this violence. In this situation, the aggressive style of Lalu Prasad came to the fore. On a call from local MLA Shahid Ahmed Khan, he made up his mind to camp at Sitamarhi to control the disturbance.

File photo of Lalu Prasad Yadav

He then announced in front of the media that the responsibility of saving the Muslims rests with the Yadavs and it would not matter if 10 Yadavs were martyred to save one Muslim. Then he arranged for a helicopter and left for Sitamarhi. At a lower altitude, when the helicopter was flying over Sitamarhi, Lalu Prasad saw armed men. It didn’t take long for them to understand. Before landing from the helicopter, an open jeep was called and he himself got into it and started announcing through the megaphone that ‘curfew has been imposed’. Enter the house The police will shoot whoever is seen. People even say that Lalu Yadav asked the force to do aerial firing. It had a great effect. People went inside the houses. The disturbance was brought under control. Despite this, Lalu Prasad stayed there for several days and also monitored the matter of relief and rehabilitation.

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Lalu also had a weak side in secularism

But Lalu Prasad also has a weak side. It can be called administrative failure. When 33 accused in the 1992 Sitamarhi communal riots were acquitted for lack of evidence, some flak fell on Lalu Yadav as well. Lalu Prasad was accused of saving Bhagalpur rioters as well. As soon as Nitish Kumar came to power, after forming a commission, he got the Bhagalpur riots case re-opened and the rioters were punished.
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Nitish Kumar and his secularism

Now it is a matter of Nitish Kumar and his secularism, there were allegations about Nitish Kumar’s inaction after the riots in Bihar Sharif last days. Against the step taken by Lalu Prasad in Sitamarhi, Nitish Kumar was also called small-hearted. But the administration has a big hand behind the image of Nitish Kumar’s good governance babu. One reason was also that the authorities made them understand that the situation was under control. The second reason must have been that Bihar Sharif is like his home. The information must have been received from relatives, friends and well-wishers, because of this they would not have been able to take the aggressive attitude of Lalu Prasad. Talking to journalists, he also said that I am talking to the people of the area. Anyway, Nitish Kumar does not appear like a vote bank player in this hour of crisis. Rather, they are among those who work by remaining silent. Nitish Kumar talked about Muslim interests with great enthusiasm even after being with the BJP.
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What is the opinion of experts?

Preferred journalist Arun Pandey says that Lalu Prasad remained secular and lived the equation of social justice. Definitely formed the government with the cooperation of BJP but did not participate in the government with BJP. But Nitish Kumar formed the government with the BJP and also gave a stake to the BJP. But BJP has never dominated this stake even politically. Nitish Kumar remained firm on the minimum program under which he joined hands with the BJP. BJP also never opposed the policies of Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar has also proved his secularism by setting up a commission to push the rioters behind bars.

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