KK Pathak: abuses 11 times in 36 seconds, from strong ‘KK’ to abusive IAS

KK Pathak: abuses 11 times in 36 seconds, from strong ‘KK’ to abusive IAS
Patna: Bihar’s senior IAS officer KK Pathak showered abuses. In the 36-second video, abusing has been recorded 11 times. An officer involved in the meeting created a scandal. Now his video is viral on social media. In which he says that ‘ … (abuse) here people are men … men in Chennai … walk from the left. Have you seen anyone here walking from the left? Have you ever seen someone blowing horn at red light in Chennai, standing in the traffic, paan paan paan will blow the horn, have you seen on Bailey Road? … will paw paw paw at the red light. … The man here.. is a man? Here is the condition of the Deputy Collector… Now I… of…. Arey, at least two-four people should write it on paper. … Deputy Collector … I do such and such for them. Just send it to me tomorrow. I play in everyone’s band. Will discuss it further on the 13th.

IAS KK Pathak’s abuse case reached FIR

Bihar Excise Department Secretary KK Pathak is known as a tough officer. His fierce form has been seen many times. It is discussed in the bureaucracy lobby with suppressed tongue. But for the first time someone recorded the video. Now he is getting troubled. Prohibition Minister Sunil Kumar is also unable to think of an answer. On the other hand, the organization of State Administrative Officers has even lodged an FIR.

The officer involved in the meeting recorded the video

Actually, KK Pathak was furious over the habits of honking in Patna. During this, he did not even spare the deputy collector. The situation was that KK Pathak did not leave even the people of Bihar in anger. People’s habit of honking at traffic signals is exasperating them. While abusing, he started saying that the man here is like this only. In Chennai man walks from the left… Here you see someone walking from the left… Here every man will stand in the traffic and honk paa paa paa. Leave aside the people of Bihar, ISS sir did not spare even the Deputy Collector. By abusing the Deputy Collector for his mother and sister, KK Pathak says that I play his band. Someone secretly recorded the video of the meeting he was conducting with his junior officers and made it viral on social media.

KK Pathak is a 1990 batch IAS resident of UP.

Good mafia gets sweaty on hearing the name of ‘KK’. Some people even call it an excessively stubborn and obsessive officer. Sometimes they come in headlines for pointing revolver at the contractor and sometimes for ordering FIR against seven branch managers of a bank simultaneously. Now his abuse is in headlines. Nitish has ordered this ‘Kadak KK’ to ban liquor. KK Pathak is a 1990 batch IAS officer. His full name is Keshav Kumar Pathak, but in the corridors of bureaucracy, he is known only by his short name ‘KK’. KK Pathak is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. When the Grand Alliance government came to power in 2015, he was on deputation to Delhi. At that time he was brought back to Bihar. Then Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave the responsibility of prohibition law to KK Pathak. Made the Principal Secretary of the Prohibition Department.

‘Sa… Deputy Collector @#$@’, Bihar’s IAS KK Pathak showered abuses on Biharis from junior officers

When KK Pathak beat the contractor with sticks

In the year 2019, KK Pathak was made a serious allegation by a contractor. Then he was on the post of Principal Secretary of Minor Irrigation Department in Nitish government. IAS officer KK Pathak was accused by Kumud Raj Singh, director of Maa Shakuntala Infrastructure Private Limited, of beating him with sticks and threatening to kill him with a revolver. Earlier in the year 2018, Patna High Court had imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand on KK Pathak. The court had imposed this fine on KK Pathak in the case of action against seven branch managers of State Bank of India. It was alleged that he had acted arbitrarily. IAS Pathak was angry over late deposit of stamp duty. After this, he had ordered registration of FIR against seven branch managers of SBI.

When Lalu had to transfer after seeing Pathak’s attitude

It is not that KK Pathak became a strong officer under Nitish Raj. He showed his intimidation even in Lalu Raj. When the Chief Minister of Bihar used to be Lalu Yadav. Then he was posted by Lalu Yadav in his home district Gopalganj as DM i.e. District Magistrate. Then after the blaze shown by KK Pathak in this district, Lalu came to know that he had played a wrong bet. IAS close to Lalu got so upset with Pathak’s working style that in the end Lalu Yadav had to be transferred and called to the Secretariat. However, this was only Pathak’s second posting as DM. But only then it was known that what is the mood of this officer. IAS KK Pathak does not tolerate any laxity in work. Wherever he got the responsibility, he buried his flag there. But after the abuse, trouble is happening.

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