Kidnapping cases started to scare again in Bihar, these figures are telling the whole reality

Kidnapping cases started to scare again in Bihar, these figures are telling the whole reality
Patna: Is Bihar heading towards Jungle Raj again? Has the kidnapping industry started flourishing in the state? These questions have arisen in view of the recent criminal incidents in the state. The way two big cases of kidnapping came up in the last two days, there has been a stir. The first case is from Patna, where a teacher’s son was kidnapped. According to the information, the miscreants have also demanded a ransom of 40 lakhs in this. After this information, the police administration is engaged in the investigation. Meanwhile, another case of kidnapping came to light in Muzaffarpur. However, in this the police disclosed the matter within 24 hours.

Teacher’s son kidnapped in Patna, ransom demanded
Abducted doctor’s son recovered from Arrah in Muzaffarpur. At the same time, the accused has also been arrested. Even though the police have got success in the Muzaffarpur case, but the police have not got success in the kidnapping of the teacher’s son in Patna. On the other hand, looking at the record regarding the kidnapping case, the condition of the state was not very good. At one time, Bihar was in limelight for the kidnapping for ransom case. NCRB figures of the last few years are telling its full reality.

See the figures of kidnapping in three years

Big update in Muzaffarpur Kidnapping Case, police recovered doctor’s kidnapped son in 24 hours

You must have been shocked by these figures of NCRB

NCRB figures for the year 2022 have not come yet, but just before that i.e. 2021 figures were shocking. If we look at the figures of 2021 of National Crime Records Bureau, Bihar was at number three in kidnapping cases in the country. Earlier there were UP and Maharashtra. In 2021, 10,198 cases of kidnapping were recorded. However, it had the lowest number of kidnapping for ransom cases at 36. 70 percent of the cases were related to love affair and marriage. According to the Bihar Police, many of these cases turned out to be normal and some were fake.

Muzaffarpur News: The tenant had kidnapped the doctor’s son, a phone call revealed the secret

Bihar stood third in 2021 and fourth in 2020

NCRB data shows that kidnapping cases decreased by 19 per cent in 2020 as compared to 2019. A total of 84,805 cases of kidnapping were registered in 2020. At that time, Bihar was fourth in the country in cases of kidnapping. Earlier in 2019, these cases had reached 1,05,036. A major reason for this decline in the kidnapping case was considered to be the lockdown imposed at that time and people not getting out of their homes.

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