Jitan Ram Manjhi told Lord Ram that Ravana was great, so people asked from where did he get this divine knowledge?

Jitan Ram Manjhi told Lord Ram that Ravana was great, so people asked from where did he get this divine knowledge?
Patna: The process of attacking Hindus and their religious beliefs continues unabated. Former Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi’s name has also been included in those who insulted Ramcharitmanas. Jitan Ram Manjhi, who is part of the Grand Alliance government headed by Nitish Kumar, described Ramcharitmanas as imaginary. Jitan Ram Manjhi, who was the Chief Minister of Bihar, said that all the things written in these have been written on the basis of imagination. Jitan Ram Manjhi also said that he does not believe in Lord Ram as he does not exist. He said that Lord Ram is a fictional character. Apart from this, he also described Ravana as a fictional character and said that many types of wrong things have been written in Ramcharitmanas which need to be removed. The amazing thing is that the Ramcharitmanas which Jitan Ram Manjhi describes as imaginary on one side. On the other hand, he does not hesitate to say that Ravana was more virtuous than Lord Rama. But it is not discussed in Ramcharitmanas.

Public opinion on Jitan Ram Manjhi’s comment on the religious text of Hindus

After the controversial statement given by Jitan Ram Manjhi on Ramcharitmanas came to the fore, the public has also asked him many questions. Textile businessman Sanjay Kumar of Patna says that when Jitan Ram Manjhi believes that Ramcharitmanas is a fictional book, then where did he get the knowledge that Ravana was greater than Lord Ram. Sanjay Kumar said that Jitan Ram Manjhi should tell from where he got this divine knowledge. Similarly, advocate Prashant Kumar says that in a democratic country like India, commenting on the religious texts of Hindus is the easiest task. Prashant Kumar says that if such comments had been made on religious texts other than the Hindu scriptures, the country would have caught fire by now. He said that the example of Nupur Sharma is in front of us. Advocate Prashant Kumar said that but Hindus are tolerant, which is taken advantage of by people of all sects along with Hindus. The same Sahil Kumar of Patna says that Jitan Ram Manjhi is over aged. Also he is anxious to set his son in politics. That’s why sometimes he talks about making his son the Chief Minister and sometimes he makes absurd statements on prohibition. Sahil says that Jitan Ram Manjhi has given this statement only to please a section. He said that because no one is asking him in politics now, he wants that some Muslim vote bank will be on his side, then he can benefit in the coming elections.

Competition among those who insult Ramcharitmanas

First of all, Bihar Education Minister and RJD leader Chandrashekhar Yadav made a controversial comment on the Hindu religious text Ramcharitmanas. After this, Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya not only insulted Ramcharitmanas but also burnt the book to brighten his politics and please the Muslim voters. After this, this process started in the whole country. Now the situation is such that there is a competition between the Narendra Modi government and the leaders of anti-BJP political parties as to who insults the Hindu religious book Ramcharitmanas more.

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