BJP’s plan becomes active in Bihar for Mission 2024, strategy made to ‘feed’ lotus on 38 seats

BJP’s plan becomes active in Bihar for Mission 2024, strategy made to ‘feed’ lotus on 38 seats
Patna: There is still about a year left for the Lok Sabha elections. But Bihar BJP has already started preparing for this election. In this election, BJP is going to use social media and IT as a big weapon. It is believed that the BJP has already started activating the social media and IT team. Bihar BJP is engaged in connecting each and every activity of the central level team with the booth level team. BJP believes that communication system has a major role in elections. It has to be ensured that the flow of information from top to bottom and bottom to top, i.e. Centre, State’s work and instructions to the booths and information about the activities happening at the booths, continues uninterrupted and at a fast pace to the State and the Centre. Apart from this, the alleged propaganda by the opposition parties running on social media will have to be answered. Along with this, it is also the responsibility of the social media team to take the policies of the BJP and the schemes being run by the central government to the common people.

BJP plans to win 38 seats in Bihar

This time BJP is going to enter the fray of Loksabha elections by separating from JDU. BJP has prepared a plan to win 38 out of 40 seats in Bihar. Shubham Raj Singh, Co-Convenor of Bihar State BJP Social Media, said that through the Saral app, information up to the booth level is being received by BJP workers and leaders. He informed that a training program is being run to make them active on social media. He said that the training work has been completed in all the districts of the organization, while there is a plan to complete the training program at the divisional level by February 15. He told that after this, the general secretary of the party will hold a meeting of the social media team at the regional level and also show the art of demolishing the narrative of the opposition.

Team of more than 10 thousand active social media warriors ready

Here, sources tell that Bihar BJP has prepared a team of more than 10,000 active social media warriors. This team will play a key role in the upcoming elections. In-charge of Bihar Social Media and State Vice President Rajesh Verma said that social media will play an important role in the upcoming elections. He said that booth level workers will also be directed through WhatsApp group. He said that it is clear that in the coming elections, apart from traditional campaigning, the digital system will have to be kept agile to reach out to the people. This is the reason why BJP is increasing the infrastructure in a big way. BJP has been a pioneer in using technology in election campaign since its inception. Recently, Bihar in-charge Vinod Tawde had also held a meeting of social media and IT team and discussed the role of social media.

It is worth mentioning that posts related to the failures of the BJP Bihar government, posts questioning the statistics of issues like crime, unemployment, women’s safety, posts related to the benefits people are getting from the schemes of the Center and the state government in implementing the schemes of the Center. are posted related to the failures of

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