BJP activates ‘Plan 50’ from Bihar, preparing to shock Mamta along with Nitish-Tejashwi

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Omprakash Ashk, Patna: BJP has increased its activism in Bihar. In any case, BJP wants to achieve the result of 2019 in 2024 as well. This is the reason why after leaving Nitish Kumar’s side, she is trying to bring smaller parties into the NDA. The condition of BJP’s activism is that Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Bihar for the fifth time in six months. In fact, BJP’s uneasiness to ensure victory in Bihar is also because on the same pretext, it wants to cultivate the neighboring states – Jharkhand and West Bengal. The message of Bihar’s success will be clearly heard in the neighboring states.

BJP’s plan ’50’

BJP’s eye on Jharkhand on the pretext of Bihar

Jharkhand assembly elections are to be held just a few months after the Lok Sabha elections next year. After two years, in 2026, assembly elections will also be held in West Bengal. Despite strong ground in Jharkhand and running the government for five years, the BJP had failed to return to power again. This time she does not want to miss any chance. The BJP is enthused by the grimness of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM)-led government, beset by allegations of corruption and failing to implement its policies. The Lok Sabha elections are a big opportunity to capitalize on the failures of the state government. Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar itself. A large number of people from Bihar are still settled in Jharkhand. His Bihar connection is still there. It is natural for the success in the Lok Sabha elections to have an impact on the assembly elections. The statements of Hemant Soren, the head of the JMM government regarding language, employment and Biharis living in Jharkhand have often been provocative. BJP is confident that it will definitely get the benefit of this chemistry of Bihar and Jharkhand in the assembly elections along with the Lok Sabha elections in both the states.

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BJP still has hope of power in Bengal

Even though BJP could not get power in the assembly elections held in West Bengal in 2021, but to tell the truth, it was not defeated either. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, about one and a half percent less votes came in the assembly elections than the votes BJP got in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Had BJP got the number of votes in the Lok Sabha, its number of MLAs would have been 121 instead of 77. The BJP is confident that the base of 40.30 votes it got during the last Lok Sabha elections in Bengal is still intact. Even though it got only 38.1 percent votes in the assembly elections, it had already made a base of 40.30 percent in the Lok Sabha elections held before that. BJP’s focus on Bengal is also because 84 seats in the 294-member assembly are reserved quota. Of these, 68 are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 16 for Scheduled Tribes. Mamta Banerjee’s party TMC won 45 of the reserved seats, while BJP won 39. It is well known about Bengal elections that votes are cast there in an atmosphere of violence and fear. There has been a history of electoral violence since the days of Left Front rule. BJP hopes that if elections are held properly, it can get big success in safe seats.
‘If you talk about Hindutva, you will answer with caste’, Grand Alliance for BJP in Bihar pulled out ‘political weapon’

BJP will win Bengal from Seemanchal in Bihar

When the activism of BJP increased in Seemanchal of Bihar, the parties of Grand Alliance also became restless. Amit Shah inaugurated the Lok Sabha elections in Bihar from Seemanchal itself. In response, the Grand Alliance of seven parties held a rally in Purnia. Seemanchal has four Lok Sabha seats. Of these, except Purnia, three seats were won by the BJP alliance in the 2019 elections. Then JDU was part of NDA. Right now RJD is part of the Grand Alliance. The BJP believes that the way Nitish’s party was reduced to 43 seats in the assembly elections, it is clear that Nitish Kumar’s mass base is waning. If JDU had won 16 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, then behind it was the support of BJP and the face of Narendra Modi. If BJP’s strategy succeeds in Seemanchal, it will have a direct impact on Bengal. Many districts of North Bengal also adjoin Seemanchal.Bihar Politics: Before the Lok Sabha elections, Nitish made his move, will ‘pressure’ increase on Tejashwi?

BJP’s emphasis on bringing small parties together

BJP has prepared its strategy in Bihar. The BJP is trying its best to bring small regional parties together. Both factions of Lok Janshakti Party of Upendra Kushwaha, Pashupati Paras and Chirag Paswan, BJP’s talk with Mukesh Sahni’s VIP is already going on. Now Jitan Ram Manjhi’s party is trying to impress BJP. In fact, the BJP knows that the purpose of the grand alliance government in conducting caste-based enumeration in Bihar against its will is to favor the backward castes. That’s why BJP has already taken a break from Samrat Chaudhary by making him the state president of the party. Upendra Kushwaha has already been calling himself the contractor of Kushwaha votes. RCP Singh will spoil the equation of Kurmi caste. Mukesh Sahni is the only contender for the votes of his fraternity so far. If talks are made with Chirag Paswan, Pashupati Paras and Jitan Ram Manjhi, then all the three Dalit votes will be shaken. This is the reason why BJP has planned to take smaller parties along with it.

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