Bihar’s ‘happiness’ was eaten by the land or swallowed by the sky, CBI could not find out in 2 years, now reward to those who give clues

Bihar’s ‘happiness’ was eaten by the land or swallowed by the sky, CBI could not find out in 2 years, now reward to those who give clues
Muzaffarpur: Two years ago, on the day of Saraswati Puja, a 5-year-old girl ‘Khushi’ went missing from Brahmpura police station area of ​​Muzaffarpur. No one even knows whether Khushi is alive or not. For the last 2 years, CBI is searching for this girl, but till now no clue has been found. Now the CBI has announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh to those who give his clue.

Now CBI has decided to seek the help of common people.

Despite a long investigation, the CBI has not been able to trace Khushi. However, when the case was handed over to the CBI after the failure of the police to find Khushi, people had high hopes. The CBI had registered a case in this matter in Patna. But even after two years have passed, even the CBI has not been able to trace him. Now the Central Investigation Agency has decided to take the help of common people in their search for happiness. The CBI issued a poster saying that a big reward would be given to the helper who gives the clue of the girl child. CBI will give a reward of Rs 5 lakh to anyone giving clues about missing Khushi.

The CBI team took information from the girl’s parents.

The CBI team came to Khushi’s parents at their house on Friday and inquired about all the information. Even after 25 months of abduction, now the family members are hopeful of getting the girl child. On Friday, the CBI team started investigation in Muzaffarpur. When the CBI team started the investigation on Friday, the tears of vegetable seller Rajendra Sah and his wife came out again. He said- ‘The happiness of five years must have been of seven years now. Enough, now we get our daughter. There is hope. Hope to get it very soon. Those people are also saying that our baby girl will be found very soon. In the famous Khushi kidnapping case of Muzaffarpur, the police of Brahmpura police station had arrested the named accused Aman Kumar, but according to Khushi’s relatives, he hid the truth due to lack of strict interrogation. After the CBI investigation started on Friday, Rajendra Sah said that now the CBI will connect everything back and forth, find out, strictly inquire, then you will get happiness. He was seen avoiding speaking anything about the whole matter.

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Mysteriously missing girl child on 16 February 2021

The family of this innocent girl lives in Pavaria Tola under Brahmpura police station of Muzaffarpur. Khushi, daughter of Rajan Sah and Maneka Devi, had mysteriously gone missing on 16 February 2021. Then the age of the child was 5 years and 7 months. The police started searching for the girl by registering an FIR. But didn’t get any clue. Therefore, this case was handed over to the CBI. In 2022, the Special Crime Branch of the CBI in Patna registered a case and started the investigation.

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