Bihar: ‘Loot’ in the name of teachers’ training, who is eating from breakfast to pen-pad and banner money?

Bihar: ‘Loot’ in the name of teachers’ training, who is eating from breakfast to pen-pad and banner money?
Kishanganj: In Bihar’s Kishanganj, the education department is being run with the help of negligence and corruption! A recent example of this was seen when NBT investigated the training centers for one-day training under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. The conditions were similar at almost all the training centres. The government has made a budget to spend ₹ 22,930 per day for each center for this special training. But in the investigation, it came to light that hardly 3 to 4 thousand rupees are being spent daily in each center, where the remaining 19 to 20 thousand rupees are going, this is a big question.

90 rupees have to be spent on the food of a teacher

Actually, in the budget made by the government, ₹ 90 has to be spent on the food of the teachers. Whereas in the investigation of NBT it was found that only one samosa, one kachori and one sweet is being given to teachers during 7 hours of training. Apart from this, teachers were to be given a pen worth Rs 10, pad worth Rs 20, folder worth Rs 25, sketch pen worth Rs 10, chart paper worth Rs 10. Out of which the teachers receiving training are not getting chart paper and sketch pen. At the same time, folders, pens and pads are being given very cheap and of poor quality.

At the same time, there is a provision of spending Rs 600 for generator oil in each training center whereas there is no generator at the centers. Along with this, approval has been given to spend Rs 5,000 for putting up 10 banners at each centre, while work is being done at the centers with only one banner. Whereas, Rs 3500 is being given daily for projector and sound system in each center, instead of which such centers have been selected by the department, where projector and sound system are already arranged or smart classes are already running. . Overall, if added up, then the department is not spending more than three to four thousand rupees on one center. While Rs 22,930 is being given by the government.

20 training centers running in the district

Tell that under the ‘Chief Minister’s School Safety Program’, block level one-day non-residential training is being given to the teachers. For this, about 20 training centers are running daily in the district and this training will be given till March 15. Overall, this training has also fallen prey to corruption. When NBT took stock of many centres, it was found that even a dozen teachers were not present in the training. Many observers told behind the camera that the amount for the training that was done last time has not been received yet. It can be estimated from this that how the plans of the education department are being implemented.

In Kishanganj district, one-day non-residential orientation cum training program is going on at one and a half dozen centers regarding school safety program. Under which training is being given to a batch of 50 to 55 teachers. Which are running in all the blocks of the district. The government is spending Rs 22,930 daily for this programme. The interesting thing is that the training camps have been set up in the same school where earlier smart classes were being run. In this way, complete savings are being made in projector, LCD, sound system and other items. But the amount will be withdrawn by making bills and vouchers.

what officials say

DPO Suraj Kumar Jha, in-charge of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, when talked about this on the phone, he asked to come to the office the next day, citing busyness. On phone he told that he is checking. Where there is no arrangement, the bill will not be passed.

At the same time, District Education Officer Subhash Kumar Gupta was tried to contact on the phone several times, during this he picked up the phone once and on asking about the matter told that he is busy in the meeting and will talk to you later.

And DM Shrikant Shastri told that he has no information about this. Talk to the District Education Officer in this matter. You have brought the matter to my notice, I will also take information from them.

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