Bageshwar Dham Sarkar: Wherever Baba Bageshwar’s show is… why does it reach? Understand the whole story of the miracle of the court

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar: Wherever Baba Bageshwar’s show is… why does it reach?  Understand the whole story of the miracle of the court
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Patna: Don’t know who the man’s father-in-law is. Its upper barrier is so strong that even Bageshwar ji is not able to get down. The father-in-law often reaches Bageshwar ji’s program by changing his uniform and entertains everyone by eating full Gulatiyan on the stage. Shastri ji also doesn’t know why he wanders in the meeting for half an hour, removes 50 people to the side, creates a place, specially brings this one to the front and puts them on the stage. I request Shastri ji that the next time this man hits him, he should deduct Rs 50 for overacting and apply 4 tongs.’ The above comment was made a day ago by Vijay Singh Thakurai, active on social media. Vijay Singh Thakurai posts related to science. He is a writer. Always keep progressive things on your wall. Film actor Ashutosh Rana is also crazy about Vijay Singh Thakurai’s social media posts.

a person repeatedly in the court

The question is, how does the same person reach Baba’s court again and again. You can see in the pictures. A boy with only one face reaches the court of Bageshwar with a complaint of phantom obstruction. Sometimes crying Sometimes screaming Sometimes shouting After that Baba calls it forward and treats it. Baba cures him. He leaves. This thing has been posted on social media by Vijay Singh Thakurai. Which has gone viral these days. People are sharing it a lot. Keep in mind that Baba Bageshwar had recently reached Naubatpur in capital Patna to recite Hanumant Katha. Baba’s visit to Bihar was surrounded by controversies. Lalu’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav did not want to allow Baba’s entry in Bihar at first. The protest from RJD regarding Baba continued till the end. RJD leaders said a lot of bad things about Baba. Baba was challaned by the police while leaving. While going from the airport to the hotel, Baba did not wear the seat belt. The police has cut his challan of one thousand rupees.

comment on social media

Regarding the court of Bageshwar Dham government, Vijay Singh Thakurai has said in his another post that this person suffering from unknown disease / phantom obstacle is present again and again by changing the dress in the programs of Bageshwar Dham. It is also full of affection for the stage. They are repeatedly called on the stage for slapping. While others should be considered worthy of hearing even after applying, is it not sure? A round of discussions has started on social media regarding the repeated arrival of the same person in the court of Baba Bageshwar. Here, after Bageshwar’s departure from Bihar, a debate has started between local intellectuals and senior journalists, besides social scientists. Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri had gone to visit the Mahavir temple in Patna. During this, Baba’s bodyguards stopped the Secretary of the Trust Council, Kishore Kunal, from filing the case. Patna’s senior journalist Dr. Ujjwal comments angrily about him. They say that what will happen with Baba’s slip is a later matter. Human welfare is being done by the work being done for the welfare of Kishore Kunal.

ujjawal kumar_00000

Question on the miracle of Bageshwar

Dr. Ujjwal says that faith is a big thing. Somewhere we are also influenced by Krishna Leela and Hanuman’s childhood. We have faith in him. Faith can start from a point to a stone. You cannot do politics under the guise of faith. You cannot play with the feelings of innocent people. In the court of Baba Bageshwar, there is more ostentation than devotion. It is a great thing to have faith in nature. Baba Bageshwar had power. People started fainting in the program. He talked about postponing the court. This is the power of nature. Dr. Ujjwal Baba not only criticizes Bageshwar, but also criticizes the superstition prevalent among Christian missionaries and the entanglement of Pir Fakirs. He says faith is a different question. Faith is alive. You can have faith in everything from plants to rocks. They oppose the ostentation and superstition born under the guise of faith. Dr. Ujjwal says that today is the 21st century. Thousands of people lost their lives in Corona just because of lack of oxygen. Why were people not looking towards any miracle at that time? Where was Baba Bageshwar at that time?

rajendar pathak_00000

Logical sayings of Rajendra Pathak

Rajendra Pathak, senior journalist from Bihar and former district coordinator of the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) Children’s Science Congress, says something different. When NBT asked Rajendra Pathak why the same person reaches his court again and again. He refused to comment specifically on that. Rajendra Pathak said that we do not find any scientific basis for any act of the Bageshwar Dham government. Readers say that Bageshwar himself says that it is a matter of faith and belief. Rajendra Pathak said that there is no scientific basis for his miracle in front of the public. This is a kind of religious event. Due to this, a faith towards a particular religion appears in the form of superstition among the people. They say that this event can be justified for mobocracy or religious purpose. Somehow it will not prove to be sustainable on a logical scientific basis.

praygya prasad_00000

There is no culture of miracles in Hinduism.

Rajendra Pathak said that at the same time I would also like to say that the culture of miracles is not only in Hindu religion. There have been such religious practices in Christian and Muslim societies as well. May be it is counter fighting among religious people but there has never been any scope for miracles on the basis of science and logic. Scientific reasons for all miracles have been kept clear in advance so that the reality of miracles can be understood and explained. Commenting on this matter, renowned sociologist Pragya Prasad of Madhepura says that there is no end to our faith. Our faith can reach up to the universe. We determine it. On that basis Bageshwar attracts people. His political objective and sympathy towards a particular party cannot be justified from anywhere. In the high tech era, setting things by slip would come under the category of foolishness. In today’s date people are not dependent on slip for their decision. Today technology has developed. The spread of communication has increased. on the basis of that. Bageshwar is taking advantage of the innocence of the common man.

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