ZEM Car: This electric car made of junk, does not absorb carbon, is designed to compete between Tesla and BMW

Auto companies around the world are spending money like water in making such vehicles, which do not release green house gas. That’s why car companies are giving a lot of attention to electric cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles. But have you also heard about such a car, which does not give off carbon while moving on the road, but absorbs it in reverse. Students from the Netherlands have succeeded in creating an electric car called ZEM, which absorbs carbon emissions while driving. The biggest thing is that this car is made of junk.

The purpose is hidden in the name ZEM

The team of 35 students of Eindhoven University of Technology in the European country Netherlands has created Zero Emission Mobility ie ZEM Car. It is a fully electric, battery-powered car that does not emit carbon. The team of students has designed it with the ability to absorb carbon emissions apart from not emitting carbon.

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