Winter Car Tips: Should the engine be kept running for a while in winter? This is how your car will be safe in cold

winter (Winter) has arrived and people have started preparations to escape the cold. In the winter season, your car also needs good care. That is why it is important to take proper care of your car to keep it safe in this season. People often keep the car running for some time to warm the car engine in the cold. However, this is not necessary with modern car engines. That’s why we have brought some tips for you, so that you can take good care of your car in winters.

Some people think that it is beneficial to warm the car engine for a while in the winter season. At the same time, some people do this so that all the parts of the engine are well lubricated. In the 1970s-80s, people even used heaters to heat old carbureted engines. Mahindra Jeep drivers also used halogen lights on the bonnet throughout the night in winters, so that the car would start early in the morning.

Mileage deteriorates in winter

However, modern engines of today's cars come with fuel injectors. That's why it is not necessary to keep the engine of the car running. Anyway, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department of America, cars consume more fuel in winter. Apart from the mileage being bad, it takes a lot of time for the car to get ready to drive in the cold.

Winter Car Maintenance: This is how the car will remain safe in winter

If you are worried about the safety of your car in winter and want to maintain the performance of the car, then check out these tips.

  1. Check Battery: Winter weather can reduce battery power by up to 50 percent. If your battery is three years old, then check it once. Take care that the battery connections etc. do not get rusted.
  2. Oil Change: A full synthetic or synthetic-blend engine oil flows well at low temperatures. This makes it easier to start the car in the cold. At the same time, changing the oil on time is also very good for the safety of the car.
  3. Wiper and Fluid Level: In winter, it is important that the wiper blades of the car are in good condition. In addition, the windshield washer fluid reservoir should be filled with non-freezing washer fluid.
  4. Antifreeze: Keep in mind that the mix of coolant and water in the radiator of the car should be 50/50.
  5. Tire Pressure: If the air pressure in the tire of the car is correct, then it has good grip on wet and snowy roads. At the same time, having the right air in the tire also protects the wheel in the pits.

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