Volkswagen came to help its customers, will give 24 hours special service without extra fees

The southern part of the country is in the grip of floods. The city of Bangalore, which is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India, is submerged in floods. Heavy goods have been damaged due to this flood. Cars worth lakhs have been damaged by the flood waters. It can be seen in the pictures that flood water has entered the cities and expensive expensive cars are submerged in the flood water. Now Volkswagen is going to start special service for its customers.

German auto company Volkswagen Passenger Cars has started a special service for its customers affected by the flood situation in Bengaluru. The company said on Wednesday that till September 30, round-the-clock roadside assistance will be provided to the customers at no extra charge.

Special arrangements for affected cars

Volkswagen Passenger Cars said in a statement that the aim of this service is to help the customers to resume their normal life soon and enjoy a safe driving experience. It states that this arrangement has been made for the affected cars. Affected vehicles will be taken to the nearest dealership on priority basis.

heavy damage to vehicles

In the floods of Bangalore, there has been heavy damage from small to big expensive vehicles. Expensive vehicles like Bentley, Lexus and Audi were seen submerged in flood waters. This flood has increased the concerns of the people. Questions started arising in the minds of people that does car insurance cover cover damages caused by floods?

There are two types of motor insurance policies. The first is standalone third party insurance and the second is a comprehensive motor insurance policy. Third party insurance comes in handy in accidents etc. Whereas, on the other hand, a comprehensive motor insurance plan covers damages caused by natural calamities like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

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