Uber fined Rs 115 crore for misleading customers

Uber Ride: American ride-hailing service provider company Uber Got in trouble for misleading customers and giving false warnings. On Wednesday, an Australian court imposed a fine of about Rs 115 crore on the company. The company was accused of threatening to charge for canceling the ride and of inflating the fare to some passengers. In this case the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (accc) had filed a case against Uber. However, this fine amount is less than the ACCC expected. Uber has apologized to the customers for their mistake.

Australia's Federal Court has said the Australian wing of the US ride-sharing app duped customers by threatening to charge them for canceling some rides between 2017 and 2021 and fixing fares for a taxi service to be offered until August 2020. Consumer laws have been violated by using wrong software algorithms. That's why the court imposed a fine of Rs 115 crore for misleading the customers.

Uber apologized

Uber has apologized to Australian users in a post on its website. The company wrote that we apologize to the Australian people for the mistakes we have made, and based on the relevant concerns, we have actively made changes to our platform. Same, Judge Michael Hugh O'Brien said in a written decision that Uber wanted to change customers' ride cancellation decisions by giving false information in the smartphone app.

Judge said – evidence insufficient

The ACCC and the riding app had agreed to a fine of Rs 143 crore as part of a mutual settlement. But O'Brien said the evidence presented by both parties was "grossly insufficient", leaving it up to customers to estimate their losses. The evidence revealed that 0.5% of Uber users were forced to go on rides due to the fear of ride cancellation charges.

Misleading customers is a serious matter

Uber Taxi's software overstated fares 86 percent of the time, but less than 1 percent of Uber rides used the service. At the same time, ACCC chair Gina Cass-Gottlieb said in a statement that the fine "sends a clear signal to businesses that misleading customers about the cost of a product or service is a serious matter, which can lead to substantial penalties." "

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