This latest self-charging technology will be available in the new version of Toyota Fortuner. Then the car will become the mileage king!

The Toyota Fortuner is a popular car and is well-liked in the SUV segment. Now this car can be offered in a new version. Its name will be New Gen 2023 Toyota Fortuner. It can be launched with a hybrid engine setup, which will not only have a huge battery backup with self-charging, but it will also be able to deliver strong mileage on fuel. This car can knock soon and it has been told in many media reports that this car can be introduced soon.

Companies like Honda, Maruti and Toyota have recently launched their hybrid cars in India. Toyota has recently launched the Highrider car, which will give better mileage. Also, Maruti has introduced a Grand Vitara hybrid car in association with Toyota, which can give a mileage of up to 28 km in one liter of petrol.

There will be many changes in the new Gernshen Fortuner car

Many cosmetic changes will be seen in the new Gernshen Toyota Fortuner car. New bumper and new cabin will be seen in this. Muscular design can also be seen in comparison to the old version. The new car will be built on the TNGA B platform. Also, a 2.8-litre GD series diesel engine can be used in the new Fortuner car, which will knock with hybrid technology. With the help of this, better mileage can be seen in the car.

Cabin Features of New Jernshen Fortuner

Talking about the interior, many new changes will be seen in it. Firstly, a new display will be seen in it, which will be the infotainment system and many good supports can be seen in it. It will also have a wireless charging system. Along with this, a panoramic sunroof will also be seen in it. The company has also included many safety features in it.

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