This is India’s smallest handmade electric jeep, features are not less than anyone, the price will surprise

There are many people in India who are a huge fan of Willys Jeep. In its time, this off-roader jeep had a different status. The demand for the restored Willys Jeep has been on the rise in recent times. But do you know that India’s smallest handmade electric jeep also belongs to Willys. This small electric jeep is a scaled down version of the Willys Jeep. The small electric jeep can travel 100 km on a single full charge. The price of this small electric jeep is Rs 2.5 lakh.

Small Size of Willys Jeep

The smallest handmade electric Jeep in India is a scaled down version of the Willys Jeep. The size of this electric jeep has been reduced to match that of the Willys CJ3B Jeep. It also gets LED headlamps with 7 slate vertical grille and small round pilot lamps. These small round pilot lamps are taken from the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. The wood trim looks like the original car in the Jeep.

Features of Electric Jeep

The electric version of the Willys Jeep gets many features like 16-inch knobby tyres, open theme for the doors and round rear view mirrors. It has been developed by an Indian startup. At the same time, its video has been uploaded on YouTube channel named Rajni Chaudhary. There is a spare wheel at the rear and an additional battery is also mounted on the rear door. The car has 16 inch wide front seats.

performance and price

Features like a two-spoke steering wheel, a fully digital instrument console in the center are available in the handheld electric jeep. The rear side of the jeep is equipped with face-to-face seating for two passengers. The battery of the electric jeep gets charged in 4-5 hours and its top speed is 45 kmph. After full charge, this car will run 100 km and its price is Rs 2.50 lakh.

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