The world’s most expensive challan was cut at high speed, the fine was so much that 8 Mercedes with top model could be bought

countries around the world including India traffic rules There is a provision for challan and fine for non-compliance. But do you know how much the costliest challan is deducted? Otherwise we tell you that the world’s most expensive invoice was cut in Switzerland. This challan was deducted on the charge of speeding. The record for deducting the most expensive invoice was in the name of a driver from Sweden. This challan was deducted in the year 2010.

The driver was alleged to have driven his Mercedes SLS AMG sports car at a speed of 290 kmph. Who was that driver, his name was not known but he had to pay challan not in lakhs but in crores of rupees. The traffic police had deducted this challan for one million dollars in the year 2010, which is about Rs 8.24 crore as of today.

Read the surprising things related to this invoice

  1. Unlike the US or other countries, there is no fixed challan amount in Switzerland. The fine is decided according to the income of the accused and the crime. In many countries located in Europe, traffic fines are decided in the same way.
  2. After the challan, the driver gave a surprising reason that the speed was very fast and he could not see the speedometer.
  3. The driver said that the speed was so fast that he could not control it. When did he need a distance of at least half a kilometer to stop the car.
  4. In addition to the challan of $1 million, the Mercedes SLS AMG, the car of the accused driver, was also seized.
  5. According to India, the ex-showroom price of the accused's car is more than Rs 2.45 crore.

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