Suzuki Intruder: This Suzuki bike’s bed tied, production stopped in India, know the story behind the scenes

Suzuki has secretly launched its cruiser bike in India Suzuki Intruder Production has stopped. The Intruder Cruiser bike has been removed from the company’s website. According to reports, the company had to stop its production due to the huge decrease in the sales of the Intruder. However, the company has not yet confirmed this. Suzuki introduced the Intruder in the Indian market in 2017. This cruiser bike came in the field to compete with Bajaj Avenger. But its design got a mixed response from the users. Let’s try to know what was the reason for stopping its production.

Due to the shutdown of production

For a long time, there has been a decline in the sales of Suzuki Intruder. All automobile companies including Suzuki are facing a severe shortage of chip shorts. This is also affecting the production activities of the company. According to reports, the company may have stopped its production due to these reasons as well. At the same time, this will increase the production of new models like V Storm SX 250.

Sale was low from the beginning

The Suzuki Intruder was developed on the Gixxer platform. It had the same engine and features. Launched in 2017, the Intruder competed directly with the Bajaj Avengers. But the Intruder didn’t do as well as Suzuki expected. Its sales were very slow. At the same time, its design also had a great impact on its sales and it could not make it to the Indian market.

What was the reason for the price?

The company introduced fuel injection in the Intruder in 2018, a year after its launch. After this, 2020 got another update in the form of BS6 engine. But these updates put a burden on the pockets of the users. The ex-showroom price of the Intruder reached Rs 1.20 lakh. At the same time, the 160 of Bajaj Avengers is cheaper than this and the 220 model is definitely a bit expensive with good features.

According to the reports, Suzuki has kept its price very high, but has not given updates according to the price. At the same time, the pressure of many new models is also on the company, so its production is likely to stop.

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