Salman’s new 1.5 crore bullet proof car is equipped with so many features, he already has this one to one luxury car

After constant threats to father Salim Khan and himself Salman Khan Bought a bulletproof Land Cruiser car in view of security. For the first time a bulletproof car has been included in the convoy of Salman Khan’s car. Toyota may have launched the Land Cruiser LC300 in the international market, but it is still awaited in India. Salman Khan has also currently bought an old generation Land Cruiser car.

Unlike Mercedes, BMW and Audi, Toyota does not officially sell any bullet proof car. Mahindra also provides after market armored service as per the requirement of the customer. bu

Lattproof Car Cars get factory rated protection of VR8 and VR9 levels. These cars look like normal vehicles from outside, no one can guess that they are bulletproof by looking at them. The bulletproof car that Salman Khan has included in his convoy is worth more than Rs 1.5 crore.

Luxury car owned by Salman

Salman Khan is fond of vehicles, Land Cruiser is considered his favorite car. They have not two or three but many luxury vehicles. A few years ago, Salman Khan also appeared in Maruti's famous Gypsy.

The gypsy he had was heavily modified. Let us know that according to the auto website CarTalk, let's look at the list of vehicles that they have.

  1. range rove autobiography
  2. Audi RS7
  3. Mercedes AMG GLE 63S
  4. Mercedes Benz GL-Class
  5. Mercedes Benz S-Class
  6. Lexus LX 470
  7. Audi A8
  8. Porsche Cayenne

What are the features of Land Cruiser?

Toyota's Land Cruiser is a full size SUV. This car has 4461 CC engine. 7 passengers can travel in this diesel-powered car. This is an automatic car.

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