Now the alarm will continue to ring even if the rear belt is not installed in the car, the government sought public opinion

The Ministry of Road Transport has issued draft rules to make rear seat belt alarm mandatory for car manufacturers. After the implementation of these rules, like the front seats, seat belt alarms will be compulsorily installed for the rear seats as well.

According to the notification of the ministry, the driver and co-driver safety belt reminder standard has been replaced with safety belt reminder for the driver and all other front facing seats in the new rules as per the safety requirements of passenger vehicles. Public opinion has been sought on the new draft till October 5.

Following the recent death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry in a car accident, the government is mulling to make mandatory use of rear seat belts. Police had told that Mistry was sitting in the back seat and he was not wearing a seat belt.

fine for not applying

The traffic rules provide for seat belts for all the people in the car and for not doing so, they can be fined. But, the rear passengers rarely do so.

Not much strictness is also done on the rear passengers. Under the draft rules, there is a provision for safety belt reminders for car manufacturers. This alarm will be for all the front and rear seats. (with language input)

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