Now be tension free! Petrol after 10 years and diesel car will run fearlessly even after 15 years, but…. have to do this work

Against pollution in Delhi kejriwal government has taken a big decision. The Kejriwal government has come up with a scheme to promote electric vehicles. Now people living in Delhi can convert their petrol-diesel cars into electric cars. Due to this scheme, people will not have to sell their petrol car after 15 years and diesel car after 10 years.

People can convert their car into an electric car and run it for five more years. Taking this plan forward, the Kejriwal government can soon start retrofitment service. After this service, those people who were not able to use their vehicles in Delhi due to the completion of their tenure will get the direct benefit of this service. After getting converted to electric car, now people will get updation of 5 years. This will increase the life of the car by five years.

Order was implemented in June itself

In order to promote electric cars and curb pollution, the Kejriwal government in June had issued an order to convert petrol-diesel cars to electric. The Transport Department of Delhi is developing a software in collaboration with NIC. Through this, old vehicles can be converted into electric vehicles. Through this software, people will be able to get all the information related to converting old vehicles to electric, cost and registration etc.

A portal will be launched

According to media reports, the Kejriwal government is preparing to make retrofitment services completely faceless. A portal will be launched for this. The retrofitment module in this portal can be updated online in the portal. Apart from this, the government is preparing that retrofitment centers will be opened which will convert these old vehicles into electric vehicles.

Work will be done at Authorized Fitment Center

To convert their old cars to electric, people will have to visit fitment centers authorized by the Delhi government. All the information related to the kit to be installed in the diesel car will be available at these centers.

This information will be updated on the portal. An RTO level officer will verify the car after it is changed to electric. To convert the car to electric, the car has to be taken to the RTO office.

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