No car! Made a moving house, the feeling of bungalow will come on sitting

New Delhi.
Car companies are showcasing their models at the ongoing Auto Show (2021 Los Angeles Auto Show) in Los Angeles, USA. In this episode, Hyundai has removed the curtain from its concept electric vehicle Seven (Hyundai Seven Concept Electric SUV). The company has built this electric SUV on E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform). For information, let us tell you that this platform is being used in electric cars like Kia EV6, Ioniq 5 and Genesis GV60 EV coming in the market.

The Hyundai Seven has a futuristic look which makes it look very stylish. This SUV is a moving house. The person sitting inside it will get the filling of the living room. It has an adjustable seating arrangement with coach-style doors. Let us tell you that car companies like Volvo, BMW and Audi are already working to launch this type of car.

Health and hygiene have been given a lot of attention in this concept car. This is the reason why its interior is made from renewable and recyclable materials. Bamboo and copper have been used in these.

Hyundai Seven Concept

What is a concept car?

If you understand the concept car in simple language, then such a car which the company can launch later. Actually, different concept cars are presented by car companies every year at the auto show, where the company tells that in the coming time it will launch such a car or can do it. This is the reason why the company makes many changes in the concept model. Many times it also happens that the production model of the concept model is not launched by the company. In such a situation, whether the company will launch its Hyundai Seven or not is a big question. However, if we look at the record of Hyundai, it launches the production model of its concept car. So the chances of the Hyundai Seven becoming a reality are quite high.


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