Mileage Tips: Increase the mileage of old bikes and scooters in these 10 ways, the cost of oil will be less

If the bike or scooter is old then it becomes very difficult to keep the mileage right. Anyway, increasing traffic and petrol prices are a big challenge for better mileage. Indian customers spend a lot of money on running a used bike or scooter. A large part of this is spent in buying petrol. That is why it is very important that your bike and scooter have good mileage. Your pocket has to bear the brunt of poor mileage. That’s why we have brought some such ways for you, which will improve the mileage of your old bike and scooter.

These 10 ways will increase the mileage of old bikes and scooters

  1. Always get your old bike and scooter serviced on time. Due to this, the engine health of your two-wheeler remains good, which increases the performance.
  2. Keep the setting of the carburetor of the bike or scooter correct. Good tuning of the carburetor means that the mileage of your two-wheeler will be correct.
  3. Always check the air pressure of bike and scooter tires. When there is less air in the tire, there is more friction, which puts pressure on the bike.
  4. Always use good quality mobil oil in bikes and scooters. Poor quality Mobil oil can damage the engine.
  5. A lot of oil is wasted by increasing the speed too much or by applying hard brakes. Avoiding these and driving at the right speed, so that the mileage can be better.
  6. Driving in crowded places should be avoided, as driving continuously at low speed affects the mileage. So choose a clear path for driving.
  7. Parking a bike or scooter in the sunlight puts you at risk of blowing up petrol. That's why always park bikes and scooters in the shade.
  8. The bike or scooter should be turned off in case of traffic light or getting stuck in a jam. If you keep them running, then unnecessarily oil is consumed, which results in poor mileage.
  9. Keep checking the chain of the motorcycle at regular intervals. The cleanliness and lubrication of the chain is very important even after service.
  10. It will be beneficial for you to avoid custom exhausts, air filters and overly wide tyres. Because staying away from all these things helps in getting good mileage.

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