Long Drive is a plan with an electric car, so follow these tips, there will be no tension of charging

The trend of electric cars is increasing rapidly all over the world. Many car companies in India also offer the best electric cars. Among the changing modes of transportation, the biggest problem of electric car is the range. This is a problem due to which people hold back from buying electric cars despite all the government subsidies. Electric car, once fully charged, travels only for a certain distance. After that it has to be charged twice. If you have to travel a long distance by electric car, then definitely keep in mind the tips mentioned here.

Plan a Trip Route

Generally, before starting any journey, the correct information about the route should be taken. But with electric cars this thing becomes even more important. For this you can take advantage of Google Maps or MapmyIndia. Before starting a long distance journey, choose the hotel, place to eat, etc. in advance.

download charging apps

Car charging is the biggest concern in long distance travel. So download charging apps on your phone. Tata Power has the largest network of public EV chargers in the country. By downloading its app, you will get to know the charging stations located at different places. On seeing the charging station of another brand, its app will have to be downloaded.

Back up the charging point

India does not have a huge network of EV charging stations. Therefore, only one or two charging stations can be found in a city. In such a situation, there can already be a big line there. So keep an eye on other charging stations nearby as well.

Charging time

It is very important to know how long does it take for your electric key to charge. Usually a 25kW DC charger can charge an electric car in an hour. With this you will know how long the journey can take and how long the car can be charging.

Do not charge full when not needed

If your destination is a short distance away, do not charge the car 100%. You must keep in mind that whatever the car or charger is, as the car is charged, the charging speed also slows down. After 80 percent charge, one has to wait a long time for the next 20 percent.

separate wire

Many companies make separate extension codes for charging electric cars. These are special wires, which are used for charging near the 15A wall socket. Sometimes the socket can be found at a longer distance, which will require a separate wire.

Keep Credit or Wallet App

Most of the public chargers in India are used through credit cards or digital wallets. Therefore, before going on a long journey, make sure to have a credit card or digital wallet.

travel comfortably

Stay cool while traveling by electric car. Although a petrol-diesel car can get you traveling quickly, but it may take a little more time than an electric one. So carry the waste for a day or two.

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