LetsTransport ties up with EVRE to launch 1,000 EV chargers in 12 cities within six months

New Delhi.
Bangalore-based tech-logistics company LetsTransport has partnered with India’s leading EV charging infrastructure player EVRE for parking and charging infrastructure for its 1,000-strong fleet across 12 cities. Under the partnership, EVRE will set up 1,000 EV charging stations across India within the next six months, which will be used by LetsTransport and other EV fleet owners.

LetsTransport has an active fleet of over 1,00,000 vehicles and is moving towards building a 100% EV fleet. In October 2021, LetsTransport announced an increase in its fleet with 1000 electric vehicles to drive cost optimization and sustainability. The company has recently partnered with several OEMs to build a strong EV fleet for its last-mile logistics services.

To complement this EV fleet in 12 cities, EVRE will design, build and operate the operation and maintenance of the EV charging infrastructure. EVRE owns and operates the technology for all existing and upcoming chargers. Taking an integrated approach to connect demand aggregation, supply optimization, charging infrastructure and financing in this partnership, LetsTransport will help assess where EVRE should locate charging stations for high utilization. In addition, EVRE will be provided in 12 cities to park and charge this EV-fleet.


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