Know this new rule before sitting in the car, otherwise you may have to bear heavy losses

Under section 138(3) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, it is mandatory for the rear passengers to wear a seat belt. But due to lack of awareness, most of the people sitting behind do not wear seat belts. There is a common misconception among people that in case of an accident, the rear passengers are safer than the front seat passengers. But the truth is that wearing the rear seat belt is as important as the people sitting in the front seat.

Most of the people in India have got into the habit (more or less) of wearing seat belts while sitting on the front seats in a vehicle, it may be due to fear of challan or due to security reasons. However, it is a completely different matter for the passengers sitting in the rear seats. Most of the people sitting in the back believe that they will be well protected in case of an accident.

Danger for rear seat occupants

In the event of an accident, passengers sitting in the rear seats without wearing a belt are at risk of colliding with the front seat. The bones of the spine are often affected in accidents and in many cases the oxygen supply to the brain is reduced.

Front seat has three-point seat belts

T-beltsAt present, a three-point seat belt is provided for both the front seats of the car and only for two people in the rear row. On the other hand, only two-point seat belts come for the middle seat of the back row. Keeping in view the safety of the passengers, it was decided to increase the number of seat belts. In February this year, the government made it mandatory for car companies to provide three-point seat belts for all passengers in the vehicle.

TV9 ground report

When TV9 Bharatvarsh did a reality check, it was found that when all the vehicles tried to stop and see people wearing rear seat belts, no one was seen sitting on the rear seat with seat belt. When TV9 Bharatvarsh asked people without seat belts on the back seat of the car the reason for not wearing seat belts, most of them said that they are not even aware that seat belts are put on the back. Some said that there was no seat belt in their car, while they had seat belt in their car and most accepted the mistake of not wearing seat belt and immediately put on seat belt and promised that in future they will wear seat belt. While some people were seen giving their quirks for not wearing seat belts.

Driving without seatbelt is a punishable offense

Driving without a seatbelt is a punishable offence. Along with this, it also protects you during an accident. In fact, section 138(3) of the Motor Vehicles Act has prescribed a specific penalty for not wearing the CMVR 177 MVA seat belt. According to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, the notification for mandatory wearing of rear seat belt came in the year 2004 and it was implemented in 2005.

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