Jeep Compass SUV Car: Customers disappointed, this premium SUV becomes expensive again, see the new price

Jeep India has increased the prices of its Jeep Compass SUV car, giving a big blow to the customers ahead of the festive season. The prices of all the models of this SUV car with 5 seating capacity have been increased by up to Rs 90,000. Remind that this is not the first time that the price of this SUV car has increased, earlier in April also Jeep India had increased the price of this SUV car and then after increasing the price once in July. The company was given a shock of 440 watts to the customers. After the increase in the price, now how much is the Jeep Compass SUV car, let us give you information about this.

Jeep Compass Price (New)

After the price hike, the 1.4 turbo petrol engine variant of the Jeep Compass SUV now starts at Rs 19.29 lakh. At the same time, the price of 2.0 liter diesel variant starts from Rs 20.89 lakh.

The Sport AT model can now be bought for Rs 21.87 lakh, Night Eagle AT model for Rs 24 lakh, Limited AT model for Rs 25.69 lakh and S AT model for Rs 27.84 lakh.

Some of the prices of the diesel models are as follows:

Sport 4×2 MT model now 20.89 lakh, Night Eagle 4×2 MT model 23.30 lakh, S 4×2 MT model 27.04 lakh, Limited 4×4 AT model 28.69 lakh, S 4×4 AT model 30.84 lakh Lakh and Trailhawk 4×4 AT model can be bought for Rs 32.22 lakh.

By how much did the prices rise in April and July?

Remind that Jeep India had increased the prices by Rs 25000 in April and Rs 35,000 for the second time in July and now the price has increased for the third time and this time the prices have increased by 90 thousand.

Note: One thing that we want to tell you here is that all these prices are ex-showroom prices.

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