It was expensive to light a lighter at the petrol pump, the driver ran away with a burning car after making a mistake

You must have often read at petrol pumps and many other places that it is forbidden to use cigarettes, bidis or mobiles etc. Sometimes some people ignore the seriousness of this matter. One such mistake was made by a car driver, after which he had to run away with a burning car. Actually, this kind of video microblogging site is going viral on Twitter. This 1 minute and 15 second video has been shared.

This video has been shared on Twitter by a verified account Nexta. In this 1 minute 15 second video it is shown that a driver was filling petrol in his car, during which he goes near the petrol nozzle and lights a cigarette. Then suddenly a fire breaks out. After this runs backwards, then the fire starts on the petrol lid of the car.

After this the driver takes out the petrol filling pipe, then the fire starts on the petrol filling pipe. He then runs back leaving the pipe and after putting out the fire on his shirt, immediately sits in the drivers seat and takes the hurried car forward. After this the fire on the petrol pipe subsides and then the driver tries to extinguish the fire by bringing a fire extinguisher.

Video included in tweet

It has been told in the tweet that one day tries to light a cigarette in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The result is present in front of everyone in a video.

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