Honda is ready to explode in the electric market, will launch a flurry of e-scooters in one or two years

all over the world electric vehicles A revolution has come about. Every company is launching its own electric vehicle. In this sequence, Honda has also tightened its command. Honda is going to launch its electric vehicles in the coming 3 years. Honda is preparing to launch not one but 10 electric scooters by 2025.

Honda's upcoming electric models will include electric mopeds, EV commuters and bicycles. The company has named them FUN EV. Along with electric vehicles, the company is also working on flex fuel models. In the line of electric vehicles, Honda is working on its solid state battery.

EV scooters to be launched in 2023

According to the automobile website Auto Car, the company can launch its first flex fuel model in India by 2023. While it is claimed that the E100 model will be dropped by 2025. The Japanese company Honda is working very fast on the Future Green model. In this sequence, he is preparing to launch many models.

Will be launched under Fun EV

Honda is about to launch these scooters under Fun EV. The company has divided these electric commuter models into two parts. One of these will be launched under the Fuv EV segment. Fun EV vehicles will be launched before 2024.

The company hopes that through these new models, the company's sales figure will benefit. The company aims to launch 10 lakh units by 2025.

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