Government’s big decision on safety features in the car, airbags will be mandatory for rear passengers too!

car traveler safety of passengers For this the government is going to take another big step. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has given a statement in Parliament that the government is working on a proposal in which front as well as rear airbags will be mandatory in the car. The government is considering this proposal. Nitin Gadkari says that the government can take a decision on this soon.

The government is making constant efforts to curb the lives lost during road accidents. For a long time there was a demand that rear passenger airbags should be made mandatory in new cars keeping in mind the safety of the rear passengers. Now on this question, a statement has been issued on behalf of the government on the house. According to the statement of Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, soon the government can take a decision on this.

1.5 lakh die in road accidents every year

Union Nitin Gadkari continues to raise his voice to prevent road accidents. Recently, he made a statement that in India about 1.5 lakh people lose their lives in road accidents in a year. Gadkari says that by 2024 his target is to reduce these road accidents in half. India accounts for 13 per cent of the world's lives in road accidents, while only 1 per cent of the world's vehicles are in India. India has to suffer a loss of 3 percent of GDP every year due to road accidents.

Auto companies angry with the decision of the government

On the one hand, the government is talking about the safety of the passengers, then the auto companies seem unhappy with this decision. Maruti Suzuki Chairman RC Bhargava says that installing more airbags in cars will increase its cost. This will increase the prices of small cars which will have a negative impact on the market for these cars.

The company says that by installing more airbags, those who buy small vehicles will suffer, they will not buy cars by paying higher prices. If we understand from the auto figures, it is clear that Maruti is in control of the small car market and it may have to suffer due to the increase in the price. The auto industry is already suffering a lot due to the shortage of semiconductors.

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