Good news for those who buy cheap EV, the biggest rival car of Tata Punch EV is coming

Cheapest Electric Car: Till now, no official information has been revealed about when the Tata Punch EV will be launched in the Indian market. But the biggest competitor of this car in the Indian market is the Citroen C3 car and now the electric version of this car is going to be launched. On September 29, this car can knock in the global market. In India too, the new car can be unveiled on 29 September. Its sale can start from the beginning of 2023. Let us tell you that the Citroen C3 has been launched in India with the ICE engine. It is a compact SUV car.

Citroen C3 is available for sale in India. It is an SUV compact car. It will be a sub 4 meter electric car. This car will compete with the electric car of Tata Group. Let us tell you that Tata Motors continues to dominate the electric car segment. The name of the Citroen car maker is the Stellantis group and the CEO of this group, Carlos Tavares, says that this will be the cheapest electric car of his company so far.

Potential Features of Citroen C3

The Citroen C3 was built on the ECMP platform, with electric motors and battery. The company has specially designed this platform for electric vehicles. It can be an affordable segment electric car. This can prove to be a good option for those who want an affordable EV car.

Images of the Citroen C3 EV have been revealed

The Citroen C3 EV car will be introduced in the Indian market soon and let us tell you that this car has been recently seen during road testing. In this, a charging plugin will be given on the front bonnet like the driver site. The EV model will be similar to the Citroen C3 and both the cars will get the same dashboard. Other features in it can also be similar to the ICE model. 90 percent of this car will be manufactured in India itself.

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