Fuel system malfunction in Audi SUV worth millions, 50 thousand cars were recalled from all over the world

Audi has sold its products from around the world 50 thousand cars has been brought back. The company has decided to recall the Q7 and Q8 cars worldwide. According to auto reports, the company has decided to recall all V6 models made between 2019 and 2021. The Audi company says that they shipped these cars with fuel pumps and internal components, which may get damaged due to pressure. Due to this, the entire fuel process can be affected and there is a possibility of failure of the entire unit itself.

denial of fuel leakage

In this entire matter, the company says that due to this defect, the possibility of fuel leakage is less. A broken component can damage the sealing membrane on the fuel pressure regulator. Due to this, in rare circumstances, it can limit the flow of fuel to the point where the car comes to a halt. Audi says that due to a fault in this fuel pump, its emission control system can also be affected. It can also have an effect on the car that the car performs very rough in running or may not start at all.

Notification sent to dealers

The company says that they have informed the dealers and owners about this. Further information on this will also be shared with them in the coming months.

Wouldn't it happen in India?

It is too early to say whether the decision to recall these cars will have an impact on India. Both these Audi models Q7 and Q8 are being sold in India but it is not yet clear whether Indian customers are also facing this problem while driving the car.

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