Flying Bike: The world’s first flying bike, will fly at 100kmph speed for 40 minutes, price crosses 60 million

Japanese startup company AERWINS has introduced the world’s first flying bike XTurismo in the US. The company has debuted the XTurismo as a hoverbike at the Detroit Auto Show. Looking at the latest flying bike, you might be reminded of the famous Star Wars series of bikes. The XTurismo is generally touted as the urban commute option of the future. But the price of this flying bike is around Rs 6.19 crore, which is enough to blow the senses of the customers. In Japan it has already been introduced to the general public.

100kmph top Speed ​​will fly for 40 minutes

The world's first flying bike XTurismo has a top speed of 100 kmph. The XTurismo hoverbike can fly in the air for 40 minutes with top speed. This bike is already sold in Japan, while by next year the XTurismo will be sold in the US as well. According to the company's founder and CEO Shuhei Komatsu, the company is planning to sell a smaller version of XTurismo in the US in 2023.

XTurismo: Flying Bike Price

The XTurismo hoverbike is priced at US$ 777,000 (approximately Rs. 6.19 crore). However, AERWINS says that it is trying to bring down the cost of the smaller electric variant of the latest flying bike by up to US$ 50,000 (approximately Rs. 40 lakh). But it will take 2-3 years and this smaller electric variant will be available by 2025.

XTurismo: Specifications

The XTurismo is a petrol-electric hoverbike that is powered by Kawasaki's hybrid engine. It has two primary propellers and four secondary propellers, which act as stabilizers. At present, this bike makes a lot of noise while flying, but the company believes that a solution will be found to reduce this noise till the start of mass production.

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