EV Sales: This Indian state did amazing, sold 6 times more electric vehicles, people took advantage of subsidy fiercely

India’s largest state Rajasthan has done wonders. In the last three years, Rajasthanis have liked electric vehicles a lot. According to reports, there has been a six-fold increase in the sales of electric vehicles in Rajasthan. This shows that the people of Rajasthan are rapidly adopting electric vehicles. According to the data of the Rajasthan Transport Department, since 2019 till the first week of September this year, the sales of electric vehicles in the state have registered an increase of almost six times.

benefit of subsidy

The Rajasthan government has introduced the EV policy only last year to promote electric vehicles. In this, the government has started giving cash subsidy on buying electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers. In Rajasthan's EV policy, the state government returns its share of GST amount to those who buy electric vehicles. State subsidies are also a major reason behind Rajasthanis buying electric vehicles on a large scale.

More sales in cities

The sales of electric two-wheelers in cities within Rajasthan are much higher than that of electric four-wheelers. People are still confused about the charging infrastructure on highways etc. and are buying less electric cars. According to a PTI report, EV sales have seen an increase of up to 23,451 units in 2021 after a slight decline during the 2020 Kovid.

sales of electric vehicles

In 2022, more than 42,900 electric vehicles have been sold in the state till the first week of September. These include sales of about 28,000 electric two-wheelers, 13,400 electric three-wheelers and 1,500 electric four-wheelers. Commissioner of Rajasthan Transport Department KL Swamy says that due to the EV policy of the state government, people of the state are adopting electric vehicles.

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